Why you should use webinars in your marketing (part 1)

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No, it’s not international tongue-twister week!

We’re talking about webinar marketing: web-based seminar, which could be any form of presentation, workshop or seminar delivered via the web. Originally used for long-distance training purposes, nowadays webinars really are the b2b marketer’s friend, and quite rightly so.

They perform a multitude of services, from establishing yourself as an authority in your field, to delivering valuable insights and information to a select audience, to data collection, to forming an invaluable part of the sales process.

They’re also a great tool for internal comms, especially across long distances: webinars are used extensively for training, motivating and communicating with franchisees, resellers and other business partners.

A webinar could be a one-way monologue, or an interactive session including polling and Q&A sessions. You can also choose whether to make your webinar open or anonymous, depending on how much you want your viewers / participants to interact with each other.

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