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Scalable b2b marketing services

Our retained execution is second to none in the region

Points-based pricing

Get a clear picture of which lead goals are attracting the biggest budget, and easily check your focus makes sense. Get greater flexibility in your program. Move campaigns and priorities around easily. And get better bang for your buck, as we takes responsibility for efficiency, with no ‘extra hours’ surprises.

B2b marketing-point-based-pricing

Programmatic planning

We plan your entire 12-month period, designing programs that meet your goals. But this doesn’t mean we can’t be flexible to market changes or organisational needs - the opposite in fact. Our long-range programs provide visibility to stakeholders, agreement in focus, and surety of annual budgeting, while offering flexibility for change throughout the year.

B2b marketing-programmatic-planning

Product structure

Every marketing initiative requires a whole team of specialist skills. Luckily, a close-knit squad of talented people will be in YOUR pod, dedicated to consistently achieving your results.

B2b marketing-pod-structure

KPI dashboards & quarterly reports

Have you ever worked with an agency that loved the colours but couldn't care less about the KPIs? That’s not us. KPIs are front and centre of every single WIP meeting, and our KPI dashboards are always on, so you can check in on actual, real results any time you please.

B2b marketing-kpi-dashboards

Senior strategist oversight

If you’ve worked with agencies that roll out the bigwigs for the sale and then pass you onto juniors for delivery, you’re not alone. Luckily, Bc is packed full with real, genuine experts. Our senior strategists have 15+ years in the industry and mentor our whip-smart, always-on strategists on a daily basis. 

B2b marketing-senior-strategist

Project management power

From process to systems to campaign management and points management, we’ve invested heavily in our PM and delivery capability to keep your trains running on time and on budget, while still enabling agility. We challenge you to find a more mature, zipped-up agency for efficient b2b marketing execution.

B2b marketing-project-management

Depth and breadth of expertise

From brand strategy and identity, through full b2b lifecycle marketing, sales and customer marketing, we offer a broad range of b2b marketing services under one roof (well, many roofs if we’re honest about our hybrid workplaces). And we do it while maintaining a boutique, personalised approach. It's not easy, but it's how we like it, and so do our clients.

B2b marketing-depth-and-breadth-of-expertise

What our clients say

"The handover and onboarding process with Brand chemistry was logical and efficient. In the space of two short weeks, the Bc team was on top of our entire marketing program and we had a 6-month plan in place to maintain our momentum, keep the sales pipeline fuelled and launch some exciting new initiatives."

Tim Brown
Head of Brand & Marketing, Outfit

What our clients say

“Brand chemistry launched our brand awareness and brand engagement campaign to great success. Their strategic approach helped generate high-quality leads and page traffic across a range of platforms and through varying approaches. We are beyond satisfied with what the team at Bc delivered for us and the numbers speak for themselves.”

Laura Malseed
Category Development Manager, Lavazza Australia

What our clients say

"Bc helped us onboard with HubSpot and got the entire team skilled up very quickly on the platform. Bc also created and amended our brand templates efficiently, and have also set-up an amazing blog and newsletter for our exhibition and conference. I would 100% recommend the Brand chemistry team, not only to set-up HubSpot but also to create a winning content marketing strategy."

John Wilson
Marketing Director, Hannover Faris

Why Bc?

Our alchemic approach to strategic execution delivers cumulative results for our b2b clients.

And because we’re a group of insatiably curious people, we’re always looking for future trends, new advancements in tech and exciting ways to help you win.


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