Alchemists? Writers? Scientists? Experimenters? Who, or what are Brand chemists?

The agency

If you’ve come this far, you probably already know a few things about Brand chemistry.

National client base, fanatical about client success, strong foothold in b2b tech marketing. Scientifically rigourous with data, positively alchemistic with creativity. But what are we really like? What does it feel like to work at Brand chemistry?

The people

The people at Brand chemistry are – of course - our secret sauce. In terms of our mixture, we’ve got ‘em all: from dancers and geeks to linguists, yogis, rockabilly rollers, animal lovers, wakeboarders and musicians.

We believe that being savvy and having the ability to play, think, and look after your fellow Bc-ers are more important attributes than the letters after your name, or how many job titles you’ve churned through in the last ten years.

We come from all walks of life but we all have something in common: an immersed-in-our-craft, sleeves rolled up, can-do, and can-always-improve mentality. Possibly erring on the side of nerdy, we are inspired by the latest and greatest in our industry. Our constant testing and measuring new techniques, tools and technologies keeps our days interesting and just that little bit challenging.

The space

At Brand chemistry, we don’t believe you need to be in the office to make a difference. We built the business on work-flex, which means we don’t really mind where you are, as long as you get the work done.

Still, our space is beautiful. Old, industrial-style building, creative, free-flowing spaces with large windows, and a palpable feeling of productivity, focus and co-creation. (think Carla Zampatti meets MCA, but a bit messier and with better snacks).

Set phasers to malky!

The Work

Set phasers to malky!

The pace of work in our office is warp-speed. When the work is on, it is ON.

But we also value the enjoyment of work, and think that a busy agency and work-life balance are not necessarily mutually exclusive concepts. This is because:

Pen knife

We constantly question the status quo, delight in being adventurous, open-minded, and innovative. This makes for fun results-driven work.

All components

We find strength in IP and process - our consistent, strategic, don't-miss-a-single-oppportunity approach defines us as a brand and as a team.


#Throwbackthursday is considered an imperative work tool

Walk-and-talk meetings

Walk-and-talk meetings in our beautiful city make for creative conversations that take us to unexpected places (and ensure we keep our brains and bodies pumping!).

Food and drink

We talk regularly about what we are going to eat, we eat it, and then we talk about what we will eat tomorrow.

Bc-ers shut down laptops when the work is done

Bc-ers shut down laptops when the work is done (more often than not, bang on 5:30pm!) because we know that life outside of these walls is where we find our best inspiration. Yes, we work hard while we're here, but we also like to work with whole people, not automatons.

Twerking, bowling, surfing, and art classes

Twerking, bowling, surfing, and art classes - our team events always deliver a new experience that is designed to make our faces sore from grinning. The only requirement is a willingness to be part of the experience in whatever shape or form you're comfortable with. This builds trust, mutual respect, and it's just a heap of fun!

Brand chemistry's Emma Downham
"What I love most at Brand chemistry is the sense of teamwork. No one in the agency is unwilling to put their hand up to help when others are struggling with capacity."

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