We do b2b, and we don’t do anything else.



High-impact strategies and execution that activate b2b brands for long-term revenue performance. 



Real, authentic people who love their work, and take accountability for results.

Discover what it feels like to work at Brand chemistry

We are

Happy people who work where they want to
Measured growth that keeps everyone happy
Inclusive, creative, clever people who love their work

We’re not

Inclined to let a great GIF go uncelebrated
Backwards in coming forward
Able to overlook bad grammar

The Bc culture code 

Forget everything you know about working in an agency. 

Bc team and family spirit

Team and family spirit

Brand chemistry is the place where collaboration breeds the best ideas, where team members support and mentor each other and where GIFs are an essential communications tool. 

Never a better time than today

Never a better time than today

The pace of work is warp-speed. When we’re in, we’re ON. But come 5pm, our linguists, yogis, surfers, animal lovers, hikers and musicians go out to play. We believe the outside world is where we find our best inspiration. 

Own the question

Own the question, find the answer and do the right thing 

We come from all walks of life, but we have one thing in common: an immersed-in-our-craft, sleeves-rolled-up, can-do mentality. We’re inspired by the research, technology and techniques that drive our industry forward.  

Embrace and drive change

Embrace and drive change 

We have a clamourous commitment to progressing and developing our people, our process and our outcomes. Whether people are training, mentoring, or global conference-attending, our people embrace and drive change for better outcomes, while our systems provide professional and agile support. 

Passion for positive impact

Passion for positive impact 

We’re also using our b2b powers for good. We are working increasingly with positive impact brands to create sustainable, long-term growth. 

Why work with us?

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The work 

The work is diverse, with a strong mix of clients from technology to professional services, coffee and workplace design. We define, strengthen and scale our b2b client brands, with strategy, full-service execution and sharp ROI reporting. 

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The care 

We flex to the preferences of our team. You can work from home or the office. Choose a staggered start, take an unplugged day when things get tough, or enjoy training days for uninterrupted upskilling. 

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The perks

Our employee perks system gives freebies, credits and awesome discounts for everything from Messina to Blinkist, and from the gym to the supermarket. 

Join us

We’re always on the lookout for motivated, clever and creative individuals who are driven by impact. 

If you’d like to work with us, apply for one of our posted job openings below, or send us a killer cover letter, telling us why you’d be an irresistible addition to our team. 


Why our people love Bc?

"One of the best things about Bc is that you get to work with a group of caring and honest people. We are all quite different, but we are all very REAL!”

Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee
Business Operations Assistant

Why our people love Bc?

“Innovation and upskilling is really important to me - and that's something that Bc openly promote. I'm always learning, which is one of the best parts of my job.” 

Jonathon Shipton (Shippo)
Junior Strategist

Why our people love Bc?

“The Bc team are an amazing bunch of people. They're kind, inspiring, smart and always on your side.” 

Katie Smyth

Why our people love Bc?

“No matter how big or small the project,our people always aim to get the best outcome for our clients.

Julian Kearney
Marketing Technologist

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