Developing your GTM Strategy

Build a powerful b2b brand - ready for scalable growth

Market analysis and target audience segmentation

We identify and research your target customer segments, their needs and behaviours. 

We define your channel and distribution strategies that will reach your target customers 


Product positioning, pricing and packaging

We create your unique value proposition for your specific customer segment.

Determine your pricing strategy and create different packages to suit different market needs and compete effectively 


Sales and marketing plan, metrics and KPIs

We develop a plan for how to reach the target market through advertising, content, events, PR and sales campaigns.

We identify the KPIs needed to track the success of the strategy.


What our clients say

"The Bc team has breathed life into our brand, giving us a stronger, clearer voice. And more importantly, a compelling position in the market." 

Renee Welsh
CEO, Booking Boss

What our clients say

"The handover and onboarding process with Brand chemistry was logical and efficient. In the space of two short weeks, the Bc team was on top of our entire marketing program and we had a 6-month plan in place to maintain our momentum, keep the sales pipeline fuelled and launch some exciting new initiatives."

Tim Brown
Head of Brand & Marketing, Outfit

What our clients say

“Brand chemistry launched our brand awareness and brand engagement campaign to great success. Their strategic approach helped generate high-quality leads and page traffic across a range of platforms and through varying approaches. We are beyond satisfied with what the team at Bc delivered for us and the numbers speak for themselves.”

Laura Malseed
Category Development Manager, Lavazza Australia

Why Bc?

Brand chemistry has been defining, strengthening and scaling b2b brands since 2006, and as such, we’re uniquely positioned to help with your GTM. 

Not only can we refine your company and product’s positioning, we can help you identify the right audiences, channels, plans, pricing and metrics to succeed. 


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