B2b brand services

Build a compelling narrative that breaks through the noise.

B2b brand positioning

Your brand positioning is quite simply the promise you make,
to whom, what make it compelling and what proof you have to back it up. 

We offer a structured and transparent brand positioning process that includes primary customer research, stakeholder workshops, 20 years of industry insight, and expert wordsmithing. 


B2b brand strategy

While brand positioning is a job of purification, brand strategy is about saturation. 

We identify the b2b brand tools that will help you communicate your pure positioning to market - through words, pictures, experiences and sounds.

In addition, we gather your purpose, vision, mission, values and brand personality. 


B2b brand identity

This is where we bring your brand to life. We bridge the gap between the strategic and sensory to create a visual look and feel that instantly communicates your brand strategy. 

Our service includes reviewing your: 

  • Logo
  • Colour palette
  • Imagery 
  • Brand patterns
  • Graphic treatments 
  • Iconography 
  • Typography 
  • Language


Brand management

Defining your b2b brand is only one piece of the puzzle. Successful activation requires consistent execution. We can help you create: 

  • Visual rules and guides 
    • When your team is going rogue because they just can’t work with your colours. 
  • Language rules and guides 
    • When your language across individuals and teams is inconsistent and you want to tidy it up.


B2b brand architecture

Brand architecture is a strategic framework for managing your brand over time. It helps you make decisions about when you need new brands, sub-brands, names and logos (or even better, when you don’t). As a result, it helps keep your b2b brand unified, consistent and clear to the market, while also getting the best bang for your buck. 

Our structured process seeks to understand your business strategy, future roadmap and brand portfolio to recommend the best possible structure for your organisation’s future.


Employer branding

Employees and potential recruits are as much an audience of your brand communications as customers. 

Your employee brand leverages your company brand and employee value proposition to connect the right people with your purpose, powering up both your recruitment and retention performance.


What our clients say

“Brand chemistry did their homework so thoroughly, they really got under the skin of the business. They showed us how we were viewed by our clients, and delivered some amazing insights  that we’d been too involved to see ourselves. The positioning process and Brand chemistry’s involvement has really helped us see the wood for the trees and given us a new identity which is grounded in fact and experience."

Manish Goklaney
Managing Director, Indicium

What our clients say

“Wow! What an experience - from start to finish Brand chemistry exceeded our expectations. With an efficient process and an expert team, they answered directly to our needs in delivering a brand identity that is not only aesthetically pleasing but strategically aligned with our long term vision and resonates with our client base.” 

Karyn McDonald
Business Strategy, Formline

What our clients say

"The Bc team has breathed life into our brand, giving us a stronger, clearer voice. And more importantly, a compelling position in the market." 

Renee Welsh
CEO, Booking Boss

What our clients say

"Bc conducted clear customer research, and everything we did was built on that. It gave us authority to keep moving forward confidently, knowing that we ticked the boxes for our customer base when we changed our brand identity."

Jody King
General Manager - Marketing & Alliances, Secure Agility

Why Bc?

We are a strategic b2b agency that defines, strengthens and scales b2b brands. 

We help to craft your powerful narrative, connect with your audience, and then scale your growth. We are your complete b2b brand and growth activator - all under one roof. 

Plus, we have a rigorous process that ensures stakeholders are bought in, your brand is tested and change management outcomes are met.


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