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A 2-step approach to integrated b2b marketing planning

We create your 12-month roadmap to success


As a b2b digital agency, our planning approach is guided by real insights and data. During our deep-dive discovery process, we workshop your ideal client profile (ICP) and personas and dive deep into your existing data. This process allows us to get under the skin of your organisation, what your buyers need and ensure that we learn from existing marketing initiatives.  

Discovery process


Based on the insights from our discovery, our b2b digital agency will develop your 12-month strategy. We map out the tools, tactics, channels, timing, budgets, messaging, formats, and KPIs to help you achieve your commercial goals.

Strategy process

What our clients say

“Our new posts have been read over 500 times, while our podcast has had over 400 listens. I couldn't be happier with the work and the results Brand chemistry constantly achieves."

Natalie Richie
Marketing Manager - APAC, Viewpoint Trimble

What our clients say

"The handover and onboarding process with Brand chemistry was logical and efficient. In the space of two short weeks, the Bc team was on top of our entire marketing program and we had a 6-month plan in place to maintain our momentum, keep the sales pipeline fuelled and launch some exciting new initiatives."

Tim Brown
Head of Brand & Marketing, Outfit

What our clients say

"Bc really partnered with us to bring our vision for inbound marketing to fruition. They worked with a constantly evolving scope and developed a well thought through strategy which is delivering results. The team are passionate, technically excellent and a pleasure to work with." 

Rachael Fahey
General Manager - Marketing & Communications, SAGE Group

Why Bc?

Successful integrated b2b marketing is no accident - it demands an experienced b2b digital agency. The right message, delivered to the right customer at the right time and in the right place(s) creates the magic that attracts, convinces and nurtures. 

Such ‘rightness’ requires a smart strategist with decades of expertise across channels, data and formats and a geek-like enthusiasm for pushing the envelope.  It requires a content creator with a ubiquitous passion for the story. It requires a creative who can pull a single, brilliant concept from a hatful of ‘ideas’.

Why Bc?

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does your b2b digital agency offer for integrated marketing?

Our b2b digital agency offers strategic planning, multi-channel campaign execution, SEO, content marketing, social media management, email marketing, and performance analytics. We develop cohesive marketing strategies that align all your digital efforts to drive leads, sales and brand value.

How does Brand chemistry approach integrated marketing planning?

Our approach to integrated marketing planning is divided into two key steps: Discovery and Strategy. During the Discovery phase, we conduct a deep-dive analysis to understand your ideal client profile (ICP), personas and existing data. Based on these insights, we develop a 12-month strategy that outlines tools, tactics, channels, timing, budgets, messaging, formats and KPIs to achieve your commercial goals.

What makes Brand chemistry unique in delivering integrated marketing solutions?

Our data-driven approach, extensive experience and creative expertise. We combine strategic insights with creative execution to ensure your message is clearly conveyed to the right audience at the right time. Our team consists of seasoned strategists, passionate content creators and innovative technologists who work together to push the envelope and deliver outstanding results.

How can your b2b digital agency help us achieve our commercial goals?

By developing and executing a well-rounded integrated marketing strategy that targets your ideal customers with precision. Our services ensure that all marketing efforts are aligned and working synergistically to attract, convince and nurture leads through the complex b2b buying journey, ultimately driving sales and enhancing brand value.

Why should we choose your b2b digital agency for integrated marketing?

Choosing Brand chemistry means partnering with a team that brings decades of expertise across various channels, data-driven insights and creative excellence. We are committed to delivering the right message to the right customer at the right time, creating the magic that drives successful integrated b2b marketing campaigns. Our holistic and strategic approach ensures that every aspect of your marketing is optimised for maximum impact and ROI.

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