About Us

Rigorous insights + Human understanding + Artful execution = Brand chemistry

Brand chemistry creates human connections that help b2b brands to engage, acquire and retain customers.

Brand chemistry exists to create strong bonds between your b2b brand and your audience. Every interaction we design is driven by customer insight, and created to move your audience predictably along their buying journey.

We start by building a crystal-clear picture of your customer: who they are, what they need and why. We use this insight to build a cohesive approach that forms real, enduring connections with your customers.



Brand chemistry performs brand, content and campaign magic, purely for the b2b arena. We live and breathe b2b, and we don’t do anything else.


Whether it is your commercial goals or your customer’s needs, you’ll never see a Brand chemistry person losing sight of the bigger picture.


We use demographic, firmographic and behavioural data to form a complete picture of your customer, so you can make informed decisions based on reality, not guesswork.

Why us?

It is how customers behave in digital interactions that interest us most. Our measurement and tracking tools enable continual analysis of customer behaviour that deepens our understanding of their needs and preferences.

We use this to build a powerful, distinctive brand and connect your customers to it, consistently using data to iterate and strengthen the relationship.

It's an approach that combines rigorous insights and human understanding with creative ideas and artful execution.

The result is pure Brand chemistry.


Our People

Zoe Palmer

Managing Director

Jaime Schell

Director of Client Services

Emma Downham

Client Strategy and Delivery Lead

Becci Drummond

HR and Business Operations Manager

Serena Chuan

Head of Digital

Julian Kearney

Marketing Technologist

Dawn Mathis

HubSpot Developer

Nicola Livingstone

Senior Marketing Consultant

Reinhard Kirchner

Reinhard Kirchner

Studio Lead

Beth Storck

Creative Lead

“The Brand chemistry team has been able to breathe life into our brand, giving us a stronger, clearer voice and more importantly, a compelling position in the market. Our results speak for themselves. They are a joy to work with, exceptionally organised, responsive, accountable, on time and budget. In all honesty, you couldn’t choose a better agency to partner with, for your brand and business growth, than Brand chemistry.”

If you want to be clear on your differentiators and stop competing on price, give us a call.