Have you heard the news? HubSpot has just launched Content Hub - an AI-driven content marketing platform that supports marketers in crafting and overseeing content along the entire customer journey. It has the features and benefits of multiple disparate AI tools packed neatly into one platform....
Storytelling and data can seem like unlikely companions – one soft and pliable, the other hard and fixed, destined to tell their own stories. However, when the emotional connection of qualitative is combined with the rational appeal of quantitative, you can create content that is powerfully...
3 min By Zoe Palmer
Are you sick of not having full visibility of your sales pipeline? Are you struggling to make confident hiring and investment decisions? Or are you worried that your marketing leads are left hanging by your sales team? Worry no more with a RevOps strategy: your golden ticket to predictable and...
2 min By Katie Smyth
Dark social isn’t a new phenomenon; in fact, it’s been around for about a decade. However, it seems to be the major buzzword among marketers everywhere.
5 min By Katie Smyth
It's that time of year again, marketers. We're finalising budgets and plans for the upcoming financial year. This means it's the perfect time to introduce new digital marketing strategy ideas, especially if you feel that your efforts are getting a little stale and results are a bit lacklustre.
6 min By Zoe Palmer
Since the term was coined in 2010, “growth hacking” has become de rigueur, not just for startups but for companies of all sizes, including behemoths like Coca-Cola – so much so, in fact, that some organisations have replaced marketing teams with growth teams.
4 min By Zoe Palmer
Market share is arguably the most important metric when it comes to judging how a business is performing. That’s not to say that other metrics like brand awareness, customer satisfaction and revenue growth aren’t important – they are – but measuring yourself against yourself may give you the wrong...
A pumping inbound marketing pipeline is a little bit like getting a perfectly toned body in time for summer. Everybody wants it, but only the very committed will achieve the desired results. The rest of us once again postpone our goals until next year and drown our sorrows in Golden Gaytimes.
3 min By Zoe Palmer
The end of the financial year is approaching, and – miracle of miracles – you still have some money left in the marketing budget.
With so many buzzwords and terms, digital marketing can be an intricate and sometimes overwhelming topic. But is it just us, or do marketers seem to be using some differentiated terms interchangeably?
3 min By Zoe Palmer
There’s something about user experience marketing that intimidates people.
We’ve got good news for you: contrary to popular claims, direct marketing is not dead.