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B2b web design services

At Bc, we take a strategy-first approach. We begin with a thorough analysis of your business needs and commercial goals. You’ll receive a detailed project plan with clear milestones and timelines, so you’ll have a clear view of progress and budget every step of the way.We also use data and analytics to understand how users engage with your b2b website. These insights inform design and development, ultimately ensuring a user-centric website that resonates with your audience and drives tangible results for your business.

Website strategy

  •  Analysis of business needs and commercial goals
  • Features and functionality wishlist
  • Stakeholder priorities workshop
  • Competitor site review
  • Traffic and user behaviour analysis
  • New information architecture
  • Content planning
  • Best-practice tech and SEO specs
  • CMS recommendations

B2b website strategy

Website design

  • Modern, clean and responsive website design 
  • Interactive brand devices 
  • Custom imagery, graphics and animations
  • Custom graphics and animations 
  • Conversion paths 
  • Engaging headlines and copy

B2b website design

Website build

  • Expert project management
  • Hubspot or WordPress development
  • Testing and go-live management
  • Tracking analytics

B2b website build

What our clients say

"I’ve had fantastic feedback on the website from staff and clients. BC clearly understood the brief, responded quickly and the end result is tremendous."

Isabella Teixeira
Head of Business Operations, Yieldbroker

What our clients say

"Working with Brand chemistry has been a pleasant experience. We have developed a collaborative partnership that has helped us build a significant online presence."

Lasith Abayawardana
Co-Founder & Director, Optivia

What our clients say

"As always, Bc has been proactive and transparent throughout the project. With the experts they have running it, we can trust that they’re always going to drive the best results for our business."

Nicole Carbone
Marketing Manager, Higgins Coatings

Why Bc?

We know that b2b website design and development requires a deep understanding of your user’s online behaviour and needs, so that you can provide them with an attractive journey and thoughtful interface.

Our team will ensure your brand is well-represented and your site can attract and convert your audience.

Choose Brand chemistry for your b2b website

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Brand chemistry’s b2b website design process unique?

Our approach to b2b website design is built on a data-driven and iterative methodology. We transform complex ideas into user-friendly, visually appealing experiences, ensuring that the process is efficient and enjoyable for our clients.

How does Bc tailor b2b website design for individual businesses?

We start by understanding your commercial goals, conducting stakeholder workshops, reviewing competitor sites, and analysing traffic and user behaviour. This planning phase allows us to create a tailored website plan that aligns with your business objectives and needs.

How does Brand chemistry manage the development and launch of a b2b website?

From day one, you’ll have a detailed project plan with clear milestones and timelines, as well as a dedicated Account Manager and Strategist to oversee the entire process. 

Before the website goes live, our MarTech specialists conduct extensive testing to identify and resolve any issues. This includes checking for functionality, responsiveness, and compatibility across different browsers and devices. We meticulously manage the go-live process with final quality checks, setting up redirects and ensuring the website functions as planned.

What CMS platforms does Bc recommend for b2b websites?

We specialise in using HubSpot for b2b website development. HubSpot offers robust functionality, ease of use and scalability, allowing us to create custom solutions that meet your commercial goals.

How does Bc address SEO and technical specifications?

We integrate best-practice SEO and technical specifications from the outset of any b2b website project. We ensure that your site’s architecture, content and technical setup are optimised for search engines, which helps improve visibility, drive organic traffic and boost overall site performance. This ensures that your site not only attracts visitors but also effectively converts them into customers.

Why should businesses choose Bc for a b2b website design project?

We combine a deep understanding of user behaviour with strong brand representation and lifecycle marketing. Our proactive, transparent approach ensures high-quality results that effectively attract and convert your target audience. We are committed to delivering exceptional websites that drive business success.

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