Avoiding the ugly cousins: Blog guilt and writers block

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Er... So if this blog had a face, it would be a shamefaced one right now. Because we have been horribly, tragically, WOEFULLY remiss in our blogging efforts of late.

So (once we’d recovered from our shame) this got us thinking about how many other people were in the same boat as us, ie: plenty to say, just not enough time to say it. We all know that blogging is important to our business – and most of us enjoy it and have lots of ideas to contribute – so why is it that sometimes it just doesn’t happen?

We recently read a great article on bussines.com about the idea of blog guilt. They describe it as ‘That moment when you realize that you haven't posted for some extended amount of time, and you feel guilty for it.’ So that’s what we’ve got... It feels so much better when you have a diagnosis, hey! Apparently the cure for Blog Guilt is a swift apology (OK, So: We’re sorry, we got too busy! -Check.) and picking up the virtual pen again (-Check) to avoid blog guilt even uglier cousin, writer's block.

To help ourselves out, we’ve been doing some research on top tips for keeping our blogs flowing and avoiding those ugly cousins blog guilt and writer's block . We thought you might like to share in them too, so here you go:

Set yourself realistic goals: OK, so research says that blogs that are updated three times a week or more have 10 times more traffic than others. But you have to set goals which suit you, your topic and your audience: Much better to write something great once a month than half-hearted drivel once a day. Your call.

Schedule a time and stick to it: it doesn’t matter if it’s Friday evening or 9am the first Monday of every month. Schedule a set time to do your writing and make sure it happens, even if it’s just a short blog.

Read around: Keep abreast of your subject areas, keep an eye on the news, and other people’s posts. There’ll always be something that inspires you to write.

You don’t have to have all the answers. Remember, you’re just having a conversation. It’s OK just to share some thoughts, great to discuss other people’s content - and good to ask for feedback.

Bash it out: Type quickly and don’t be afraid to leave something half-finished for a while. This is a great way of avoiding writers’ block. Remember you can always go back to your writing and give it a polish before it goes live.

So there you have it. Let’s give it a go and see if it does the trick. Let us know if it works for you too. Back soon! (Honest)

P.S We've also found that recording our ideas in an editorial calendar is an effective method for helping us post on the regular. That's why we created a free template just for you. Download it today.Download Brand chemistry's editorial calendar template

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