Mary Berkopec is a marketer for Excen Corporate Centres, a North Sydney company providing modern, serviced office spaces for flexible lease. She turned to Brand chemistry to take her SEM skills to the next level.

A deep understanding of fundamental and advanced SEM principles
Hands on training to program and manage campaigns
Skills to analyse, report and tweak for better results
Excen gets digital marketing training

As for so many businesses, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a vital and growing source of leads for Excen. Mary was keen to get a greater understanding of SEM, as well as better control and visibility over their pay-per-click campaigns that had previously been outsourced. However, like many of us, every course she had attended had left her more confused than enlightened! So Brand chemistry tailored a program to Mary’s requirements, including the following:

  • Types of Search Engine Marketing: organic v paid
  • Paid search – fundamental and advanced principles
  • How to program and manage campaigns, adgroups and keywords
  • Analysis and reporting techniques.
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“I have been to my fair share of online marketing courses and I have always walked out feeling just as confused as when I started! The Brand chemistry SEM: Someone Explain it to Me course was so hands-on and practical. After only a half-day of training I was armed with the knowledge and skills to confidently set up and manage my own campaigns. If you are thinking about managing your own pay-per-click campaigns, this is the course for you.”


The Results

The result? A happy, empowered and confident team, now fully equipped to run SEM campaigns in-house.



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