Main project goal: Grow & nurture key accounts

Equilibrium Design (EQ) is a full-service design studio, dedicated to producing memorable outcomes for their clients.

With a stellar reputation, exceptional market experience and a number of high-profile clients in a niche sector, EQ was already well on their way to establishing themselves as market leaders in their field.

But they saw a need to take their strategic direction to the next level, to reimagine the client experience and to nurture their customer relationships more effectively. Their hope was that this would also enable them to forecast revenue.

Working with the goal of helping EQ gain clearer insight into their prospects’ levels of sales readiness, Bc saw an opportunity to help EQ build a predictable sales pipeline with an account-based marketing strategy - one that would also strongly align their sales and marketing teams.

Three business goals

Increase revenue
Improve brand engagement

Aligned sales and marketing teams

The strategy

To close the revenue gap for EQ, Bc developed a substantial account-based marketing (ABM) strategy designed to:

  • Redefine who EQ are as a business
  • Introduce seamless cohesion and collaboration between EQ’s sales and marketing teams
  • Help EQ better understand their target audiences and nurture prospects more effectively
  • Cement EQ’s position as a thought leader  

Bc recommended a blended approach to serve two important purposes concurrently: a robust marketing strategy to drive solid new business opportunities quickly; and an awareness-stage content plan to improve EQ’s awareness and reputation in the marketplace.

Bc designed the initial ABM strategy and helped EQ to understand their key buyer personas, then mapped out the technology required to enable the business to accurately measure their success. Following that, detailed personas, SMART goals, sales process mapping and lead lifecycle stage definitions were developed, before content, activities and sequences were planned to help EQ effectively target identified key accounts.

Bc then identified areas of upskilling needed to successfully execute the strategy and offered the appropriate training and support as needed.

More robust marketing automation

To implement the strategy, EQ needed a powerful marketing automation and CRM solution that would create visibility between their sales and marketing teams, yet is cost-effective and easy-to-use.

Bc identified HubSpot Basic with its built-in CRM and add-on Sales Pro license as a good fit that would strongly align marketing and sales activities, without breaking the bank. Essential to the recommended platform was that it needed to enable EQ to:

  • Track and log when key account prospects  landed on their site
  • See the entire prospect-to-customer journey, including pages and topics each was most interested in
  • Review what content topics and case studies were resonating the most with their audience
  • Prioritise sales activity based on lead demographics and behaviour

Guided execution

With a limited budget, EQ chose to implement the strategy themselves. So Bc took on a mentoring role to guide EQ through the strategy execution.

Once the ABM strategy and supporting content plan had been designed and put into place, Bc started to deliver monthly training, mentoring and support on:

  • ABM techniques
  • Platform management and optimisation
  • Creation and execution of the initial contact piece
  • QA and editing of content
  • Inbound marketing tools and techniques

equilibrium blended abm brand chemistry-case-study
equilibrium blended abm brand chemistry-case-study

The results

  • Increased business enablement and revenue generation with a comprehensive account-based marketing strategy
  • Improved brand engagement and website traffic with a bespoke top-of-funnel content strategy and implementation plan
  • Empowered and aligned sales and marketing teams through facilitated technology set-up and training
  • Ongoing mentoring for continuous optimisation and improvement

“I’m really happy with the work. It was a consultative process throughout which delivered useful insights along the way. Bc were a good fit in terms of values and their approach was very aligned to our business.

The result is exactly what we wanted: we are executing our own strategy, have upskilled in the necessary areas and now have a system to identify and nurture sales opportunities that everyone is a part of."

Bec Paton
Founder, Equilibrium design

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