Main project goal: SaaS product launch

Sinorbis is an integrated digital marketing platform that specialises in helping Western companies break into China by accelerating the speed to market and significantly reducing the cost of launching a high-performing digital presence behind the Great Firewall

Before launching their Software as a Service (SaaS) platform in July 2017, Sinorbis operated as a specialist China digital marketing agency to build authority for their brand and gain momentum with their inbound marketing. This meant that once their product was ready to be released to market they had established a good base and could grow fast. 

They did not, however, have the internal resources or a marketing automation platform to be able to achieve this on their own. They wanted a strategic partner who could help them select the right tool for their business and establish a strong inbound marketing approach for demand generation.

sinorbis new product launch case study

The approach

Brand chemistry took a highly structured approach to building an inbound marketing strategy for Sinorbis, starting with personas. “Bc did an amazing job identifying the personas and crafting a strategy based on that,” says CEO & Founder, Nicolas Chu.

Brand chemistry strategists knew that Sinorbis needed fast results and developed a comprehensive inbound marketing program covering all stages of the focus personas’ buying process. Bc then helped Sinorbis select a marketing automation tool that would be the best fit for their business.

“Even though Bc are HubSpot partners, there was no push towards HubSpot, because it was really about finding the best tool for our needs. Bc understood our situation and knew how we would use it. We eventually went for HubSpot,” says Nicolas.

The results

In just six months, Sinorbis’ website traffic increased by over 100%, thanks to keyword-optimised blogging, link-building, and strategically placed guest blogs. LinkedIn articles concurrently helped to raise awareness and the thought leadership position of the Sinorbis brand, while segmented database marketing helped drive lead conversions.

Downloadable content that addressed buyer personas’ most pressing concerns helped to achieve a 200% increase in the number of leads generated each month, while bottom-of-funnel offers and nurtures delivered six new agency customers in the six-month period.

With Bc’s help, Sinorbis had raised its profile in the market, and was able to launch their product in July as planned. To mark the occasion, Sinorbis held a conference in partnership with Ashton Media, around which Bc developed an inbound strategy for capturing and nurturing leads, successfully growing the database of marketable contacts.  

Since launching their platform, Sinorbis have been achieving the fast growth they had initially hoped for, on the back of their strong inbound approach.

“I would say that Bc is the perfect partner for anyone who is willing to set up an inbound marketing strategy,” says Nicolas.

“For anyone who is looking for a strategic approach and structure to inbound marketing, Bc is the right partner.”

Nicolas Chu
CEO & Founder, Sinorbis

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