Main project goal: Reposition the company and develop a new inbound content marketing strategy

CeBIT Australia is the nation’s leading independent business technology expo.

While the event had a high level of brand awareness in the market, their overall perception was suffering due to a short-lived misstep during which the show temporarily opened to the consumer market.

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The approach

With a new leadership team onboard, Hannover Fairs (the company behind the expo) was determined to turn things around, reposition the company as the impartial leader in a market saturated with vendor events and make CeBIT Australia’s website a destination for business technology information all year round. They also wanted to replace some of their expensive outbound marketing tactics with an inbound and content-driven approach. Hannover Fairs engaged Brand chemistry (Bc) in September 2015 to develop a content marketing presence for CeBIT Australia that would shift the prevailing perception of the event, increase website traffic, and nurture leads into customers.

Bc identified seven primary buyer personas, developed and implemented a content and digital marketing strategy that accounted for seasonality and the varying lengths of sales cycles between an event attender and an event exhibitor/sponsor.

The 3-phase content strategy for CeBIT included the launch of CeBIT 365, a fortnightly digital newsletter, providing a knowledge sharing platform all year round and extending CeBIT’s reach beyond the physical event, obliterating the ‘attend and forget’ mentality previously held by the event participants.

Live blogging from the event, relevant blog posts, and other content pieces further established the event website as a destination for impartial industry information and CeBIT as a thought leader.

Brand chemistry’s nurture streams were specifically designed to find out more about Booking Boss’ previous subscribers, helping to filter real opportunities from tyre-kickers, and move the real opportunities along their buying journey.

CeBit event
CeBit event

The results

After just 9-months of collaboration with Hannover Fairs and Bc, the results are astounding.

4:1 Marketing ROI
Marketing influenced $3.80 of revenue for every $1 spent on content strategy, creation, and delivery for the 2016 CeBIT event.

Increased website traffic and leads as a result of the blog
Web traffic has increased significantly outside the peak event dates thanks to an active blog that is converting leads and customers.

Beat benchmark conversion rates by more than 2x
Nurture processes which include downloadable content offers have converted visitors to leads and leads to customers. CeBIT content downloads currently convert 30-63% of website visitors to leads. Depending on the industry, landing pages typically convert at between 2-15%.

What the client says

“I would certainly recommend Brand chemistry if you are looking to create an effective content marketing strategy. We are definitely increasing our investment in content over the next year.”

John Wilson
Marketing Director, Hannover Fairs

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