Main project goal: Grow brand awareness, full sales pipeline and effective communication with customers during the pandemic

NCC Group is a global expert in cybersecurity and risk mitigation, working with businesses to protect their brand, value and reputation against an ever-evolving threat landscape. A publicly listed company of more than 2,000 employees, NCC Group has a global footprint that includes a strong presence here in Australia.

To begin the financial year on the right foot, NCC Group wanted to grow brand awareness, fill their sales pipeline, and also to effectively communicate with customers during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  However, with a single marketing resource across Asia Pacific, and such intensive communication needed, NCC Group knew they needed a little outside help.


Successful webinars


x goal Webinar #1 Leads

Goal: 30

Actual: 95


x goal Webinar #2 Leads

Goal: 80

Actual: 216

The approach

Brand chemistry created a campaign plan for the promotion of two educational webinars. Unlike other agencies who had pitched for the project, Bc's plan took the time to deeply profile NCC Group's audience and to create a campaign that delivered more than just beautiful graphics - but featured specific goals, campaign strategy, channel-centric planning, and detailed deliverables.

The plan

Bc developed and executed a strategic plan to generate leads for two NCC Group webinars. At a high level, the plan included landing pages, email nurtures, new creative assets, resources and design, updating existing web assets, paid and organic social promotion, telemarketing scripts and writing for industry publications. 

‘Brand chemistry worked quickly and effectively to understand our needs and deliver an incredible amount of high-quality work on a short timeline. They did in weeks what it would have taken me months to do - and did it really well,’ says Cara Christofi, Marketing Manager, APAC.

NCC Group website on laptop


The challenges

An (im)perfect storm of legacy systems and new marketing automation tech meant this project was not without some technical challenges. The Bc team identified and tackled integration problems as they arose, learning on the fly during the promotion of the first webinar and improving the process for the second webinar, just weeks later.

The results

‘Both webinars got far more engagement than we expected’, explained Christofi. ‘Brand chemistry created good messaging across the right channels which delivered the right kinds of leads.’

The webinars themselves were highly successful, both exceeding registration, attendance and engagement goals, and surpassing industry benchmarks. More than this though, post-webinar nurtures delivered marketing-qualified leads that progressed onto sales meetings in just a few short weeks.

‘If you want a b2b agency to understand your business quickly, and fill your pipeline effectively, Brand chemistry is it. The agency has affordably delivered high quality leads via end-to-end inbound marketing for us not once, but twice, and has exceeded both our goals and expectations,’ says Christofi.

"Brand chemistry's expertise in content development produced an excellent product that has been well-received by the procurement community and lead to great results for us."

Cara Christofi
Marketing Manager, APAC NCC Group

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