Lavazza’s brand activation campaign smashes lead goals by 121%

Secure Agility reinforces its positioning through a new brand identity

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In-depth audience insights drive awareness for VU’s sustainability offering

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Brand chemistry is a strategic b2b marketing agency that defines, strengthens and scales b2b brands. We deploy HubSpot and complementary technologies to find and capitalise on exciting growth opportunities for our clients.


Cut through the noise

Craft a compelling narrative that cuts through the noise and tells your buyers who you are and what you do. 


Connect with your audience

Showcase your knowledge, purpose and product to the right people. Connect with your audience to attract the curious, convert the sceptics and nurture the loyal for strong, consistent growth. 


Scale your brand

Achieve exponential growth through technology. Scale your brand with intelligent revenue operations. Deploy automation, data and AI for market domination. 

It starts with data. It ends with data.

We live by..... marketing data

You can always spot a strategic b2b marketing agency. It’s the one with its nose in a dashboard. 

Data reveals what the goal should be, helps choose the channel, determines the message and drives the creative idea. Your customer data tells the complete story; we love a good story.

Average agent chat response time
New qualified leads
New project pipeline goals versus achieved

Take a big step forward wherever you are in your journey



Go-to-market strategy
Brand positioning & messaging
Product positioning & messaging
Brand identity
Brand roll-out
Website design & development
Brand activation campaigns


12-month marketing roadmap
Content marketing
Account Based Marketing (ABM)
Sales enablement
Lead magnets
Lead nurturing


HubSpot onboarding
Strategic HubSpot implementation
HubSpot portal optimisation
HubSpot integrations
Revenue operations

We’re the b2b marketing agency you work with when you don’t want to work with an agency.

We’re 100% transparent. With access-anywhere campaign HQs, you can see everything from your work status and budget to today’s KPIs. We’re on the same side, after all. We’re also real people - warm, focused and leaning in because we really care about our clients and their results. 

What we are


What we’re not

Air kissers
Ass kissers
Budget busters
Paper shufflers

Software and technology use
Use of software and technology

Software and technology

Whether you’re seeking a strong product-market fit, scaling or transforming, we can help. We have over 16 years of experience helping technology companies position themselves, generate demand, and enable sales teams. Talk to us first.

Business and industrial services

Working with business and industrial services

Business and industrial services

Just as you’re experts at what you do, we’re experts at helping you efficiently grow your revenue. Together, we can make your offering clearer, more credible, and more and tangible to your audience. From design to engineering, business intelligence to industrial automation, talk to us first.

Passionate about sustainability and impact

Sustainability and impact

Sustainability and impact

You have a world-changing product or feature. We know how to talk about it and get it in front of the people who need to hear it. We bring 17 years of b2b brand-building experience, formal education in planetary health and a passion for sustainability, inclusion and diversity.

Hubspot Onboarding Accredited
HubSpot Solutions Partner Program
HubSpot 2019 Impact Awards Customer First

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