Main project goal: Align brand identity with business strategy

Do you need a technology solutions manager that combines deep technical expertise with world-class technology and a tenacious, accountable approach to deliver and manage the right outcome for our customers? Look no further than Secure Agility!

An Australian managed technology solutions partner for mid-market, enterprise and government organisations, Secure Agility delivers and manages end-to-end solutions across Cloud, Network and Security, Internet of Things, Helpdesk and Workplace Modernisation. Previously awarded Telstra Partner of the Year, Secure Agility boasts an impressive range of technology partners and business customers across Australia.

Over the last five years, the company has grown considerably from a traditional hardware provider into a managed service provider with a broader range of services. However, its identity did not evolve to match, and the leadership team realised they needed a new look that better reflected their work.

We tied the knot with Secure Agility to help them build a new brand identity.

Laptop shot of Secure Agility branding

The strategy

Bc kicked off the project by engaging the Secure Agility leadership team in discussions to deeply understand their business, goals, objectives and competitor landscape.

Once we knew what they wanted to achieve, we hosted brand strategy workshops with a nominated Brand team representing a cross-section of the organisation. We undertook extensive customer research to understand the DNA of their ideal customer, what they love about Secure Agility and what makes it unique. 

Our strategy team then used these insights to craft the foundation of the Secure Agility brand positioning statement, brand personality, tone, and distilled essence. This foundation was then used to build out the creative brand identity.

The execution

With the positioning approved, our first step was to develop customer-facing language that the business could use to speak about themselves. We created boilerplates, a brand story, and a language bank to bring the brand to life before beginning the creative design process. Our team left no stone unturned as we reviewed existing brand assets to understand how they communicated the brand.

We then created a moodboard and concepts to re-design the logo, colours, fonts, imagery, and other graphic elements. We then worked with the Secure Agility team to distil these into a new visual brand identity that confidently reflected their new positioning.

Key to the new brand identity is a new-look logo - a symbol that represents security and agility, forming a knot in the shape of an ‘S’.  The symbol represents the brand on several levels:

  • The placement and movement of the shape is a nod to the brand's ability to be flexible and agile with their customers' changing IT needs

  • The knot represents the company's ability to keep them safeguarded and secure.


Secure Agility old logo to new
Secure Agility old logo to new


The shift in colour palette helps Secure Agility stand out from competitors while continuing to sit firmly in the IT space. The new palette reflects their Australian heritage and gives a realness to the brand. It also represents their solid virtues, down-to-earth camaraderie with customers, and community focus.

As many can attest to, this creative work can be demanding. Jody King, General Manager - Marketing & Alliances at Secure Agility, praised Bc’s project and stakeholder management skills.

“From our perspective, it was important to know that we could stop at certain stages and assess how the project was tracking, both from an internal stakeholder perspective and agency perspective,” said Jody.

“Brand chemistry has a very clear structure from the get-go. There was never a sense that we were diving into a project that was too large to handle - they managed the whole process seamlessly for us.

“Our primary contact was skilled at understanding our internal stakeholders, guiding the work through certain stages and being patient with us. It was a journey where we always felt supported.”

Jody was also impressed with the level of customer research that the Bc team conducted and built the brand work on.

“The team conducted clear customer research, and everything we did was built on that,” said Jody.

“With that research, the process became quite robust. It also gave us the authority to keep moving forward confidently, knowing we’d ticked the boxes for our customer base.”

Once the brand work was complete, it was full steam ahead on re-designing existing assets to launch the new brand.  Our design team worked on logo animations, case studies, brochures, email signatures, PowerPoint templates and website design concepts to ready the Secure Agility team for the launch of their new brand.

The results

Post-launch, our partnership with Secure Agility has continued. We’re now working closely with them to amplify their brand awareness in the market and create new assets that align with their fresh identity.

“We’re looking to embed the new branding into as many aspects of the business as possible, to update IT and other automated systems that feature the old branding,” said Jody.

“We’ll keep working with the Brand Chemistry team - it’s been a great partnership. I’d recommend (and have recommended) them to anyone looking to complete a similar project.”


Secure Agility's new brand identity in action

Secure Agility's new look and feel in action


“After working with Brand chemistry, I know they are the perfect agency for this type of project. The team is great to work with, the process is robust, and they know their stuff.”

Jody King
General Manager - Marketing & Alliances, Secure Agility

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