Main project goal: Optimise brand identity to drive growth

In a world where data is king and insights are priceless, it pays to have a company like Optivia on your side.

An expert data and analytics consultancy, Optivia specialises in data engineering and insights delivery for large companies with complex systems and data landscapes. Boasting an impressive client portfolio, Optivia works with major Australian businesses, including ASX 20 firms and large energy providers.

Despite their portfolio, Optivia's marketing did not reflect how the company had evolved or grown over the past several years. The leadership team initially contacted Brand chemistry to help build awareness through LinkedIn. However, they realised they needed to take a step back and finesse their brand positioning, overall messaging and website to make an impact.

With our knack for crafting compelling brands and building engaging websites, we were more than willing to join forces!

Optivia website on laptop

The strategy

Bc kicked off the project by meeting with Optivia’s senior leadership team to ‘get under the hood’ of their business, plans and goals. We undertook extensive customer research, interviewing their real customers to understand what they loved about the brand and what makes it unique.

After compiling our customer research, Bc hosted an in-depth branding workshop with Optivia’s team to build a brand persona, and define what Optivia stands for and makes them stand out. Bc’s brand strategy team then used all the gathered information to craft Optivia’s final brand positioning statement and messaging, which was then used as the foundation for the future website copy.

The execution

Once the brand had been refined and approved, Bc documented what needed to be done to transform Optivia’s previous site into a fully functioning website. We also took the time to understand some of Optivia’s key requirements for the project. Ultimately, it was important that the new site:

  • Presents a more professional face for the company

  • Drives more inbound inquiries, awareness and credibility

  • Identifies Optivia as a niche b2b provider of data and analytics

  • Communicates their new brand messaging and value proposition

  • Has a clear structure that can be maintained and built on over time

  • Includes credible content and engaging design that represents the Optivia brand

With a strong brand positioning and key objectives, our content writers worked closely with our UX design team to create a compelling narrative. Once the copy was approved, we then moved to development.  

With a strict budget and specific content requirements, good communication between Bc and Optivia was key in keeping this project on track. The result was an engaging, well-planned website that presents Optivia’s new brand positioning in the best possible light.

Lasith Abayawardana, Co-Founder & Director at Optivia, praised Bc’s project management skills.

“There was always a clear plan of when we needed to touch base, the things we needed to brainstorm, when we were going to get content back to review,” said Lasith. “The team always outlined everything quite well.”

The results

Optivia received a new website that fit their requirements and ticked all the boxes in the brief. As a bonus, the website also created a lot of internal buzz and cultivated a sense of employee pride.  

“I can say for a fact that the project was something everyone got behind, especially internally,” said Lasith. 

“We wanted to ensure our team felt like they were part of a professional, growing startup - that’s what we achieved.”

Overall, the project was a resounding success. Lasith says the brand and website refresh have significantly improved Optivia’s industry reputation.

“Our existing website at the time was, to be honest, more of a placeholder, but now we have a far more professional appearance,” said Lasith.

“We’ve got some great content and case studies. And I have no doubt that now when we have client conversations, they have a place where they can see what our brand and our business is about.”
Following the successful launch of the new website, our partnership with Optivia has continued. We're now working closely with them to help amplify their brand awareness in the market and establish their consultants as industry thought leaders.


Our People page on the Optivia website

Data preparation page on the Optivia website

Our Work section on the Optivia website

What We do section on the Optivia website


"Working with Brand chemistry has been a pleasant experience. We have developed a collaborative partnership that has helped us build a significant online presence."

Lasith Abayawardana
Co-Founder & Director, Optivia

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