Main project goal: Content marketing to drive awareness, nurture prospects and drive sales

Grosvenor’s Management Consultants Procurement and Contracting expertise has helped deliver value to organisations across both the public and private sector; enhancing both teams and processes.

With a procurement and contracting practice area that was successful and highly regarded in the public sector, Grosvenor felt they were missing out on opportunities within the private sector due to low awareness of their expertise.

To grow awareness and consideration within the private sector Grosvenor wanted to get the expertise out of the heads of their senior, experienced consultants and onto the page in the form of thought leadership content.

Each year Grosvenor releases an annual CPO study; and while this has always been a solid magnet, Grosvenor suspected there was more they could do to amplify and promote the piece.

The approach

After analysing Grosvenor’s existing content Bc discovered an abundance of awareness-stage content, but a lack of content to help buyers in consideration and decision stages. While customers were finding their work, there wasn’t a clear conversion pathway for them to follow to engage Grosvenor to do some work.

To resolve this, Bc developed a three-phased strategy that was designed to:

  • Produce content and target the private sector

  • Nurture and segment prospects, and

  • Increase awareness

Grosvenor’s annual CPO study was the linchpin of this strategy. In collaboration with Practice Manager Stefan Gassner, Bc created additional awareness stage content that drove traffic to the benchmark study. This content included multiple supporting blogs, a press release, social media posts, and multiple eDMs. Bc’s content alchemists also found various angles on the study’s results which transformed the complex subject matter and helped promote the eBook to both decision makers and influencers across the private and public sectors.

Grosvenor case study imagery
Grosvenor case study imagery

From there, prospects were guided down the buyer’s journey. Bc implemented two nurture programs and the corresponding workflows to achieve this. The streams were comprised of consideration and decision stage content and featured a self assessment tool, additional supporting blog posts and case studies. The nurture programs segmented all new and existing prospects within Grosvenor’s database so that Grosvenor could continue to be more targeted in their content marketing, using both demographic and behavioural data to push customers along the buying journey.

The final stage was to drive more leads via relevant distribution methods and to guarantee that the maximum number of relevant leads were attracted and enrolled into nurture programs.

The results

After implementing the content strategy Grosvenor’s CPO study, saw:
  • 1030 new visitors through organic reach
  • 110 new contacts through form submission
  • 1 x customer
So Grosvenor could continue to amplify their content efforts, Bc mentored Grosvenor’s Marketing Manager through the entire process, advising on all aspects from content structure and effective writing, to promotion and nurture workflows.

What the client says

“Brand chemistry’s expertise in content development produced an excellent product that has been well-received by the procurement community and lead to great results for us.”

Dr Stefan Gassner
Pratice Lead - Procurement, Grosvenor Management Consulting

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