Main project goal: Increased website traffic, engagement and user acquisition

Nomos One provides a cloud-based, collaborative lease management and lease accounting software. The software is an all-in-one, end-to-end solution that helps Australian and New Zealand organisations manage their lease and asset portfolios in one place.

However, despite a powerful software solution, Nomos One was experiencing low website engagement and limited online customer acquisition. Operating in a niche industry also meant they needed a robust keyword strategy to capture the users in the market searching for a solution.

Brittany Pannett, Head of Marketing, and the team at Nomos One engaged Bc to build out their content and SEO capabilities.

Man on laptop reviewing industry keywords

The approach

Each month, Bc conducts a full audit of the Nomos One website to identify areas for improvement. These audits include a review of keyword rankings and technical SEO performance, using Google Analytics to track and measure user acquisition and site engagement.

Over the last six months, Nomos One and Bc have:

  • Completed research to identify new keyword opportunities
  • Optimised copy to ensure the site’s industry pages rank in SERPs and reach qualified traffic
  • Implemented technical fixes to improve website health, such as updating internal and external links, reviewing broken backlinks and tidying up page code
  • Conducted a keyword audit and introduced target pages to ensure each page is tracked for the proper search term

BC is also working with the Nomos One team to optimise the company's existing suite of blog content to improve organic search rankings.

In addition, Nomos One wanted to build on their in-house knowledge of SEO. To complement our SEO support, we're running quarterly strategic mentoring sessions with their team, covering a broad variety of topics. 

Brittany says the ongoing support has significantly improved all their marketing channels.

“We’ve gained high-level insights on optimising our keyword strategy, enhancing blog content, improving email marketing metrics and generating new leads,” Brittany said.

“The specificity and expertise from Bc during the mentoring sessions have led to continuous improvement in our marketing efforts."

The results

Results from our SEO platform show that in the last three months:

  • The Nomos One site is now optimised and ranking on SERP 1 for 75% of industry keywords
  • The site has achieved an average rank of 50 across a suite of lease management and accounting keywords
  • The site’s average position has risen to 69 due to on-page optimisations, up from 81 in late 2023

“Having Bc handle our SEO is one less thing we have to worry about,” Brittany said.

“Although organic search might seem less important to other marketers, it’s been pivotal for our company. Quality leads for organic search tend to convert at higher rates, making it a top priority for us. Bc’s work has directly translated into more opportunities and leads."

“We’ve seen tangible results month-on-month, reinforcing our trust in their capabilities. But it’s not just about convenience; it’s about knowing we’re in good hands and focusing our efforts where they matter most."

“Bc go above and beyond. From crafting personas based on customer interviews to engaging with various teams like accounting and sales, they have demonstrated a deep commitment to understanding our unique challenges. They have more than surface-level knowledge; they understand the nuances of our niche and often complex industry.”



“Working with Bc is like having another team member in the room - a colleague who brings fresh ideas and perspectives to the table. They aren’t a transactional agency; they’re invested in our success.”

Brittany Pannett
Head of Marketing, Nomos One

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