Main project goal: Lead generation

When Booking Boss began working with Brand chemistry, we instantly felt a connection. The energy in the SaaS start-up is contagious, and the creativity and smarts were just too compelling for the Bc team to pass up.

Booking Boss is an online booking platform for tour, activity and attraction operators. With a number of loyal customers who loved their product, Booking Boss had organically grown to date but needed to create greater awareness for their brand and product offering in the market to achieve the next stage of growth.

With stiff competition in the industry that had already invested aggressively in content marketing,  Booking Boss realised it was time to invest. And what better time than with Series A funding?

Booking Boss’ main requirements were to:

  • Grow overall traffic to the Booking Boss website.
  • Build the Booking Boss website into a lead-generation hub
  • Raise Booking Boss’ profile as the #1 booking software provider in Australia.
Booking Boss lead gen
855 %
increase in monthly leads
287 %
increase in search traffic
407 %
increase in monthly website visits

The approach

The Bc team worked closely with the business to profile the key buying personas, identify the best opportunities, and pull together the content marketing plan accordingly.

Kicking off by creating some high quality, search engine-optimised content, we then helped Booking Boss get maximum reach with distribution. Blogs, case studies, downloadables. webinars and client testimonials were all part of the plan to help establish brand trust. Reach was further enhanced by targeted guest blogging and some savvy public relations techniques that engaged the right customers and influencers in the tourism b2b industry.

Brand chemistry’s nurture streams were specifically designed to find out more about Booking Boss’ previous subscribers, helping to filter real opportunities from tyre-kickers, and move the real opportunities along their buying journey.

Booking Boss SaaS case study
Booking Boss SaaS case study

The results

Throughout the collaboration, Brand chemistry helped Booking Boss to achieve a deep, qualified understanding of what makes the Booking Boss product unique and compelling to the target market.

We used this understanding to increase new leads by eight-and-a-half times, increase organic search traffic by three times, and increase overall website traffic by four times. Deep understanding of the buyers helped us to craft nurture streams that achieved 15% conversion rate (a full 10% above industry averages).

We also used our demographic and behavioural insight of customers to develop the Booking Boss brand, ready for expansion into the U.S. The website followed hot on the heels of the Booking Boss brand, built on HubSpot COS, with personalised content geo-targeted for the US buyers.

“The results speak for themselves! I firmly believe we have been able to achieve this level of success and continue to do so because of the collaborative relationship we have with the Brand chemistry team. They have made it their mission to really understand our business and we are thrilled to have found them.”

Renee Welsh
CEO & Founder, Booking Boss

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