Main project goal: Website optimisation to align with new brand identity

Yieldbroker is one of Australia's most trusted providers of electronic trading solutions within the financial industry.

They have been dynamically connecting markets in Australia and New Zealand for unrivalled trading efficiency, liquidity and coverage since 1999. Yieldbroker brings together banks, portfolio managers, treasuries and risk managers in a reliable and trusted trading environment.

Yieldbroker approached BC to give their website an overhaul, particularly those key pages which were misaligned with the brand and lacked a logical structure making the user experience unpleasant.

Yieldbroker had previously been working with Brand chemistry (Bc) on their brand messaging and identity, as well as their content marketing, and so were aware of the quality Bc applied to work. When they found out Bc had the capacity to handle the website enhancement project from start to finish, and within a short timeframe and reasonable budget, they were keen to get started.

The plan


Bc kicked off the project with a closely scoped stakeholder workshop to understand the specific goals of each key area on the website and to uncover any problems which Yieldbroker were facing in each section.

After the workshop, Bc documented exactly what needed to be done, to ensure nothing was lost in translation at briefing stage. 

‘When dealing with a client that doesn’t have any digital experience, it is essential to ensure we explain everything so they understand what we will and won’t be doing,” explained Reinhard Kirchner, Brand chemistry’s UX Designer and Studio Lead. 

The plan that was shared with Yieldbroker clearly demonstrated Bc’s intention to create pages that were: 

  • Clear and consistent

  • Full of easily 'digestible' content

  • Accessible via mobile

  • Refreshed with on-brand imagery

  • Easy to navigate with a visual hierarchy of content

  • Showcasing the desirability and credibility of the product and brand

  • Easy to search

The execution


Closely following the brief, Bc’s UX Design team created design prototypes and used internal testing to ensure the improvement of the User Journey throughout the site.  


Once approved by the client, Bc moved to development.  With rigorous quality assurance, we ensured the site was functioning correctly and consistently and worked across different browsers. The process also looked at ensuring high page performance scores and fixing any bugs before going live.


With both a strict budget and short timeframe, good communication between Bc and Yieldbroker was key in keeping this project on track throughout all stages of the website development. The result was a consistent, well thought-through website that represents Yieldbroker in the best possible light.

The results

Yieldbroker was presented with a fresh, on-brand and easily navigable website - on time and within budget - ticking all the boxes set out during project kick-off.


Yieldbroker website screenshot

Screenshot of Yieldbroker's new website

Yieldbroker website screenshot

Yieldbroker website


"I’ve had fantastic feedback on the website from staff and clients. BC clearly understood the brief, responded quickly and the end result is tremendous."

Isabella Teixeira
Head of Business Operations, Yieldbroker

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