Main project goal: Improve sales conversion

Like many sectors, industry health funds have been under significant competitive pressure in recent years. Competing with the huge marketing and sales budgets of the retail funds, industry health funds must be extra clever with their marketing and sales efforts. 

Navy Health is no exception.  

Navy Health has a restricted membership, and products designed specifically for its service membership. However, on closer inspection of the sales process, it became clear that the process was not aligned with a strong customer experience.

navy health
100 %
participants said that the training made them more confident in their job.
100 %
participants found the training highly relevant to their role.
121 coaching
led to a successful implementation of new sales tools.

The approach

Brand chemistry spent some time with Navy Health to understand the entire sales process and where sales were getting stuck. Following this, we developed an enablement plan designed to help the sales team to uncover member needs, and then provide the appropriate recommendation.

Our enablement program consisted of:

Sales process improvement
  • Sales tools that guide the team with conversations
  • Sales training focused on the process changes and the skills development needed
  • One-on-one coaching to embed and troubleshoot outlying issues 

The results

Brand chemistry’s consultative sales training program gave the sales team some tips, tools and systems they needed to give their work some rigour.
Following our sales enablement program, a massive 82% of the sales team reported feeling very confident to manage new business, up from just 27% prior to the enablement program. 

"The results were evident with a significant increase in confidence to manage new business potentials and they picked up a number of tips and techniques in effective customer management. They all valued the benefit of a facilitator who could provide examples from their real life experiences as comparisons. This clearly assisted with the engagement of the team. The follow up one-on-one coaching provided a great opportunity to personalise the learning to each persons’ needs."

Alison Kelsall
Member Services Manager, Navy Health

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