Main project goal: iDlvr app user adoption

iDlvr is Australia’s first on-demand delivery service specialising in large and bulky trade supplies.

The iDlvr app offers on-demand delivery no matter the item's size or distance from the store.

As a tradie and owner of a construction business himself, founder Mohammed Ali Ayad has a clear vision for the problem he’s looking to solve: save construction workers time and money by offering a convenient solution to getting critical building supplies on-site - fast! 

With a great product and the most competitive driver compensation in the delivery sector, iDlvr had no issues driving app downloads through paid media. The problem: only a few actually went through the full registration process to place an order or become active drivers. 

Mohammed contacted Bc for our strategic experience and technical HubSpot expertise to help him solve this puzzle on his journey to achieve product-market fit.

iDlvr delivery driver dropping off building materials

The approach for iDlvr

Looking at the iDlvr app, download data and paid media conversion metrics, we quickly realised that we needed to implement a HubSpot integration with iDlvr’s technology to: 

  1. Provide us with the ability to nurture leads generated through app downloads and turn them into active delivery drivers and customers.

  2. Give us more visibility over who was downloading the app and at what point they were dropping off on their conversion journey. We needed to understand whether the lack of conversion was due an issue with paid media targeting, problems with the app’s UX, or maybe a combination of both.

With this in mind, we planned a suite of HubSpot nurture workflows for both delivery drivers and customers to incentivise them to use the app. Each workflow was created to encourage app adoption, and was designed with specific event triggers, timings and personalisation. A further integration with Appsflyer helped us gather meaningful engagement data to refine our approach.

Ultimately, this resulted in the development of 10 persona-based workflows and almost 30 individual emails, supported by multiple SMS, landing pages and additional content that would appeal to the user depending on their stage in the journey.

Mohammed Ali Ayad, Founder at iDlvr, praised Bc’s ability to devise such complex yet personable workflows.

“Bc really got under the hood of the app and spent hours developing these interconnected workflows to encourage more orders and more deliveries. Depending on where users are in the order creation or onboarding process, they will receive personalised communications that nudge them further on the journey. It’s powerful stuff!”

The results we achieved

With all of these nurtures and workflows now live, iDlvr now enjoys greater visibility over deliveries, and an increased uptake in app usages. 

Mohammed was impressed with Bc’s ability to pivot fast and adapt to the needs of his startup.

“Brand chemistry has taken us from zero to 100 orders - no other agency has been able to do that for us,” said Mohammed.

“They identified what needed to be changed to get the results we needed, and implemented a structured and thorough marketing strategy and HubSpot implementation program to help us get there. This has made us more flexible and grow as a business.”

As a result, Bc is now iDlvr’s long-term strategic partner and we can’t wait to achieve our next milestones together.

“Brand chemistry put so much work into the integration between our app and HubSpot, reviewing data and creating custom dashboards that have made a huge difference to our reporting. The workflows they have designed and implemented have made user onboarding much more efficient and enjoyable. Their attention to detail and technical expertise is phenomenal - I feel like I'm in good hands.”

Mohammed Ali Ayad
Founder, iDlvr

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