SMS Managed Services’ first leap into social reaches 1,500 people and increases website traffic by 25% in the first month alone!

SMS Management and Technology  is a management and technology consulting firm that enables digital transformation. 

Its Managed Services division, previously, Indicium Technology Group, recognised the value that content and social marketing could deliver as a low-cost, effective way of driving traffic, leads and opportunities. In particular, content helps to rightly position the business as experts in a competitive and fickle market where lots of “cowboys” existed.

increase in website visits in the first month alone
Campaign generated 17,000 impressions
immediate return on investment
SMS Managed Services achieves 11:1 immediate ROI

The business was ready for the leap into content marketing, they just didn’t know where – or how – to start.

Brand chemistry created a content marketing strategy which identified the people Indicium needed to target, their key pain points and the channels where they sought information. Brand chemistry then worked with the client to identify and create content that would be interesting and relevant to these groups and their needs at that time.

Value for money was an important consideration so the strategy also highlighted content that could be repurposed from existing pieces, and the greatest focus was put on increasing reach from a small email list, across the relevant social channels for greatest returns.

SMS Managed Services' Manish Goklaney

"The effort by Bc helped to prove how powerful content marketing supported by social distribution can be and perhaps a little addictive as well… our aim now is to ensure that it forms part of all our future marketing efforts with a view to seeing our social reach increase multifold again!"


The Results

  • Whitepaper campaign delivering relevant content to a defined audience using targeted social media distribution
  • 25% increase in website visits in the first month alone
  • 10 web mentions in the first month, from a starting base of zero
  • Whitepaper campaign distribution reach of 1,500 contacts from an eDM database of only 250
  • Campaign ultimately generated 17,000 impressions,  and enterprise business that, delivered an 11:1 return on campaign investment

If you’re looking to expand your reach and increase brand awareness through the power of content, get in touch today.

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