What customers are looking for pre and post pandemic, and how to build your marketing plans around it

Nobody has the book on how to write a post-pandemic marketing plan. However, we can deploy the strategies that were successful in historically similar economic situations.

Brand chemistry has survived two economic downturns - and we’re now heading into our third, so we’ll bring you our own lived experience, as well as b2b cases of recession-busting businesses from across the globe.

Our Q&A webinar, delivered live on 4 June 2020, explains:

  • The successes and failures b2b companies have experienced through the GFC and other downturns, and why
  • What buyers are going to be most interested in both now and as the pandemic passes
  • What the top three must-do items on your marketing plan should be
  • How to present your top-3 must-do budget and business case to your stakeholders
  • What things you need to stop doing, if you haven’t already
  • What extra initiatives you should budget for now - because you’ll need them in three to six months

Your hosts 

Zoe PalmerBrand chemistry's Zoe Palmer
Managing Director, Brand chemistry

20 years’ experience in b2b brand, b2b marketing and sales. Expert in spotting opportunities in the market and capitalising on them.

Jaime SchellBrand chemistry's Jaime Schell
Client Services Director, Brand chemistry

15 years’ experience in building value in businesses, M&A, sales and business marketing. Expert in identifying relevant, timely strategies for existing market conditions.


"Zoe and Jaime from Brand chemistry are highly knowledgeable and experienced marketers. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to them speak live on b2b brand, b2b marketing and b2b sales enablement several times during the last year at the HubSpot User Groups.

The Bc guys always inspire and challenge us to strive for better results - plus both Zoe and Jaime are excellent company - down-to-earth, witty and don’t take themselves too seriously. Do yourself a favour and attend one of their events."

Rachael Fahey
General Manager - Marketing and Communications
SAGE Group