Evidence-based message, channels, budgets and plan advice for marketing through the downturn


There’s no doubt about it, COVID-19 has turned the world on its head - including your marketing strategy. 

We've spent the last few months researching previous downturn strategies, collaborating with clients and partners across the country and setting the direction for coming quarters. As a result, we think we might have some answers to some of your most pressing strategic questions. 

Join us at 12noon AEST, Thursday 4 June for an interactive lunchtime webinar, designed to help you plan and manage your marketing for the coming quarters. 

We'll discuss: 

  • The successes and failures b2b companies have had through the most recent economic downturns
  • What buyers are going to be most interested in both now and as the pandemic passes 
  • What the top three must-do items on your marketing plan should be
  • How to present your top 3 items to stakeholders 
  • What specific marketing activities you need to stop now, if you haven't already 
  • What extra initiatives you should budget for now - because you'll need them in a few months' time

Register now, and get the chance to submit a specific question to our panel.

Your hosts 

Zoe PalmerBrand chemistry's Zoe Palmer

Founding alchemist of Brand chemistry, Zoe has 22 years' experience in b2b brand and marketing strategy and has worked with some of the world's best-known organisations. 

Jaime SchellBrand chemistry's Jaime Schell

With over a decade of sales and strategy experience, Jaime comes at marketing from a revenue-generating standpoint.  Passionate about seeing marketing teams join forces, Jaime manages client services at Bc. 


Both Zoe and Jaime have spoken at conferences in Australia and abroad, hosted HubSpot user groups, facilitated thousands of strategy workshops and have helped hundreds of clients with their growth projects.