PMSquare's online marketing

Brand chemistry gets PMSquare’s online marketing running like clockwork

Carsten Brandt, PMSquare’s Managing Director, had been quick to seize the opportunity presented by online marketing for his Asia-Pacific business intelligence consultancy.

With a solid understanding of its workings, Carsten and his team were able to see some great results, but now needed his online strategy to work smarter – and his budgets to work harder – in order to really boost results.

Following an extensive review, Brand chemistry was quick to spot some opportunities where PMSquare could achieve further wins. Happy with Bc’s suggestions, Carsten allowed Brand chemistry to manage, test, report and tweak the campaign to get it running at an optimum level. Once we had everything singing sweetly, we briefed the activity back to the team at PMSquare so they could pick up where we had left off.

“It was a huge sigh of relief for us when Brand chemistry took over our online marketing. I would highly recommend the team at Brand chemistry if you are dipping your toe into online marketing for the first time or if you have online marketing and need to see results.”

Carsten Brandt, Director, PMSquare

Now PMSquare have a pay-per-click strategy that focuses on delivering quality leads:

  • Geographic targeting ensures that PMSquare’s two main markets – Australia and Singapore – are targeted separately, reflecting their unique differences.
  • Targeted text ads and landing pages make sure content is relevant to keywords as well as the search query.
  • ‘Click to call’ phone number instantly increases phone enquiries.
  • Campaigns are easier to plan, manage, evaluate and optimise.
  • Improved targeting means better use of marketing budget and increased effectiveness.
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