How to use your buy cycle to create your sales process

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It’s a common enough scenario for time-poor, resource-poor b2b SME’s. You find yourself needing to generate some revenue – quickly and so you haphazardly grab the nearest marketing tool you can find, go at it hammer and tong, launch it to market and then, when it fails to make an impact, you wonder why. Its disheartening – and we hear you because we’ve seen it - a lot.

Creating a scientifically measurable and replicable sales process, based on real knowledge of your customers’ buying cycle, is a much more intelligent investment and will give you far greater ability to control revenue. And it doesn’t need to be difficult. It’s about knowing your customers, who in turn give you insight into your prospects.

Begin by asking your most valuable customers how they buy your service category - what steps do they take to make their final decision? Do this at your next client meeting with the aim of designing a process that pushes similar new customers through the same buying decision stages. Fold that into a marketable plan and give it a whirl. We bet you'll be surprised at the positive outcomes.

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