5 ways to find real trade show leads

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Trade shows and expo leads are a vital and unavoidable part of most b2b business. But they can be deadly pricey and time-consuming, and with only 5-10% of leads being ‘real leads’ you need to be smart to ensure that trade shows earn their keep.

So what is a real lead? Here at Brand Chemistry we consider a real lead to be an actual appointment (phone or in person) with a decision-maker. Furthermore that decision-maker will have a genuine need for the products or services you offer, and wants to have a conversation about how you can help.

Here’s how to spot them:

1. Do your homework before you go. Go to the trade show website 3 weeks before the show starts and download the list of exhibitors. Phone the companies and find out who will be attending. When you have done this, sit down and put them in order of priority, based on which ones are likely to be the best wins for you.

2. Find out who you’re talking to: what is their job title? Trade shows are notorious for the lack of decision-makers these days.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask what they’re looking for. Try asking “What are you hoping to get out of today’s show?

4. Have they got a budget? Don’t be afraid to ask.

5. Once you’ve spotted your real lead, make a mark on their business card – one smart client of ours used to snip the corner off - so you know to follow them up when you get back to the office.

Following the tips above should help you really identify the powerful leads at your next trade show. Good luck!

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