Should a mobile site should be top of your 2013 wish-list?

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You’d have to be walking around with your head in a bucket not to notice the rise in mobile marketing opportunities. Then, as if we needed any convincing, the recent Google report “Our mobile planet: Australia” came along and threw up the following stats:

  • Australia is the world leader in smartphone adoption
  • 2 out of 3 Australians who bought a new phone in 2012 went for a smartphone.
  • 61% of mobile users are unlikely to return to a site that they’ve had trouble accessing from their phone

BUT – here’s the catch - in a recent study, Stamford Interactive revealed that less than 75% of leading Australian businesses don’t have mobile-friendly websites.

Hm. So it’s likely that this one’s going to crop up on your business’ agenda sometime soon. Here are a few simple checks (from an awesome article by Shreesha Ramdas in DM Confidential) to help you determine how much of a priority a mobile site should be for you this year:

  • Check your website traffic. What percentage of people accessed it from their mobile devices?
  • Check your top 5 keywords on Google Analytics: what % of their searches were via mobile devices?
  • If you run a e-newsletter, what percentage of recipients opened it on their mobiles?

Now here’s the acid test: take two minutes to view your website on your smartphone (or someone else’s). What’s it like to navigate? More than anything, that will tell you whether a new mobile site should be on your 2013 wish list.

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