Secrets of great sales people

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Today we had a visit from a thoroughly lovely sales person. Sure, we didn’t end up buying anything – we don’t need what she’s selling right now - but she got us thinking, and when the time comes that we do need it, well, she’ll be the first person we call.

So – in our B2B world where sales is still a huge part of the process – this got us thinking about an oldie but a goodie : what is it that makes stellar sales people?

They do their homework

Before she arrived, she’d done her research and knew everything she needed to know about us.

They make a good first impression

She thanked us for our time and acknowledged that we were busy. Then she told us exactly what she was going to talk to us about, so we felt prepared and knew how long it would take.

They use questions smartly

This woman was a demon questioner: nothing scary – in fact – you barely even noticed it – but she did much more listening than talking, and made sure she left our offices with a really thorough idea of our needs.

They fit the product demo in seamlessly

By the time this salesperson had finished her questions, the sales demo just rolled on through. It was so effortless it would have been weird if it hadn’t happened.

They don’t leave without wrapping up and confirming next steps

By the time she left, this superhero of sales had summed up her visit and told us exactly what she was going to do to follow up the meeting. And – in the final part of the stellar sales puzzle – we have no doubt she’ll do it, either.

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