Quiz: Which archetype is your brand?

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Throughout literature and history, there are 12 consistent characters that can be found within any story: the ‘archetypes’. Psychologist Carl Jung believed these archetypes reside within the collective human unconscious across cultures and continents.

The most successful brands in the world tap into this aspect of human psychology to drive extraordinary results.

Take this quiz to find out which archetype belongs to your brand.

So, which type were you? Here's a sneak peek of each archetype (for more information on how to harness your archetype, download our comprehensive eBook).

The Innocent
Innocent brands come from a world where everything is simple, uncomplicated and good. They give some respite from the pressures of our imperfect modern world and allow us to return to a more carefree time in our lives.

The Explorer
Explorer brands are seeking a better way. They are looking for experiences to learn and grow. They value freedom, innovation and individual pursuits.

The Sage
Sage brands are dedicated to discovering the truth and spreading knowledge. They take pride in intelligence and information and have faith in humankind’s ability to learn and grow, and to make smarter decisions.

The Hero
Hero brands heighten the achievements of those around them by being competent and courageous. They encourage people to triumph over adversity and fight for what’s right. Qualities of a Hero are strength, courage, redemption, faith, stamina and self-sacrifice.

The Outlaw
Outlaw brands do things radically differently, on purpose. They want to shake things up and challenge the status quo. Outlaws question their surroundings and can bring about change with their new perspective.

The Magician
Magician brands are visionary - they encourage people to look to the future, and imagine what can be achieved. Magician brands aim to help people achieve their vision - they offer transformational experiences and help people turn ideas into action. Qualities of the Magician are cleverness, charisma, intuition, great perception and the ability to dream big.

The Everyman
The everyman is the archetype of the common man and woman: there are no airs or graces and everyone is accepted. Everyman brands are a solid and reliable bedrock that allow their customers to achieve their objectives, rather than having lofty objectives of their own. The qualities of the Everyman are fairness, respect, equality, accountability and personal integrity.

The Lover
Lover brands are all about helping people to find pleasure and love. Powered by a constant motivation to attract and nurture relationships, the Lover is the most passionate of all the archetypes. Often found in female-orientated industries like cosmetics and high fashion, Lover brands are often luxurious and sensuous, or warm and inviting. The qualities of a Lover are passion, gratitude, appreciation and commitment.

The Jester
Jesters enjoy life and interaction. They are happiest when bending the rules, which allows them to see things from a fresh perspective, and engage out-of-the box thinking. Jesters remind us to lighten up and live in the moment, and often express themselves through bright colours, and outrageous imagery. The qualities of a Jester are originality, irreverence, humour and excellent social skills.

The Caregiver
Caregivers are moved by compassion, generosity, and a desire to help others. They draw satisfaction from helping people who are less fortunate or resilient, rather than furthering their own progress. The qualities of a Caregiver are altruism, patience, empathy, and self-sacrifice.

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