Increase your marketing conversion rate using color psychology

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Increase your marketing conversion rate using color psychology

Colour psychology is a fascinating thing. Did you know that the variation in a few different shades (and we’re not talking about grey here) can have a dramatic impact on how we think, feel and even influence ‘click to purchase’? Yes, your recent online impulse buy might have been the result of a clever choice of hue!

As b2b marketers we want our website to convert visitors to leads and customer. That's why we need to learn to become color-wise. Colours influence our behaviour on a chemical level inside our brains. How we respond to different tints is triggered through years of conditioning: sometimes it’s cultural, environmental or based on our past experiences. For marketers colour can be a tricky, but powerful tool. When it’s used in the right way, at the right time, with the right audience - the results can be nothing short of magic! Find out how you can use color psychology to increase your marketing conversion rate.

So, what colour really gets people clicking?

A number of different research papers have shown that there are three main colours that lead to action: red, green and orange.“But these colours are not part of our brand palette”, we hear your brand manager gasping in horror.

Bc’s tip: Make your call to action button the exception to the rule. Instead of sticking to your brand guidelines like glue, base your choice on what will deliver results.

When to use red

Red is a pretty obvious choice. It’s the colour that makes us stop at a traffic light and look out for an emergency vehicle. It also creates a sense of urgency in our marketing messages. That’s why it’s frequently used as the colour to advertise a “SALE”. For that reason, red is the ideal colour for buttons where you want people to act quickly: for example if you want them to ‘join’ your group or purchase a special deal.

Red can also be quite overpowering, so it’s best kept for these urgent prompts or your main call to action on the page.

Chart beat

When to use green

Green means ‘go’ in pretty much anyone's visual language. This makes it a great choice for call to action buttons. Green however is a much softer sell. It can often be associated with green traffic lights or nature. It’s best used for buttons that require someone to ‘submit’ information or if you want them to progress to a next step.


When to use orange

Conversion research proves that an overwhelming majority of buyers gravitate towards orange. It is a fun color that can create a sense of impulse. According to some, orange helps to “stimulate physical activity, competition, and confidence.”

You only need to look at some of the leading sales sites and business to see the proliferation of orange call to actions: Amazon, Litmus, Marketo and more are all investing the the power of colour psychology to boost sales and opt-ins.

So when you’re next putting together a marketing campaign, think just a bit further than your brand guidelines when it comes to your choice of colour. Discuss your ideas with your agency and test out some of our theories to see how you can make them work for your brand.

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