Is your b2b brand walking the walk?

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When we’re thinking about the promises our brand (and even our products and services) make, it’s easy to get lost in the moment. We’ve all been there (don’t deny it, yes you have!) ... you’re sat in a branding workshop, or even just drafting the copy for your new site, when those juicy little nuggets of hyperbole start bubbling up in your mind... you know the ones... let’s see... ‘second to none’ .... ‘unrivalled’ ... ‘always’ and the rest of their band of merry men.

Now, we know that much of marketing is about casting your brand in the best possible light – that great McCann’s line about ‘Truth Well Told’ – and we also know that brands are about promises, and, like kids, we know that the last thing you should do is break a promise.

But here’s the thing : with the stellar ascent of Social Media, your brand – and people’s experiences of it – is now on display, more intensely than ever, and down to the smallest detail. Meaning you have to be more vigilant than ever that your brand is doing what it says on the tin, putting its money where its mouth is, and walking the walk, every minute of every day.

So what we’re talking about here is not just making sure your positioning, branding and copywriting exercises are interrogated and validated every step of the way to make sure they reflect the real thing, but also making sure that your customers’ everyday experience of your brand – on and offline – is reflective of your brand values and the claims you make.

One for your front-of-house guys to think about, for sure. But also one for your Social Media people to watch out for, too. In the upcoming blogs coming up over the next few months, we’ll be talking about how Social can help you monitor public opinion around your brand, limit damage where needed, and boost the good stuff when it happens.

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