How to write a press release that will get you cut through

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We recently had a couple of great PR hits for a clever client of ours. So while we’re still feeling all puffed up about it, we thought we’d share the love with 6 top tips for getting great cut-through with your press releases. Here goes :

1. What’s your story? Remember it’s the story that sells, and that’s all these guys are interested in. While big news will always get you in, it doesn’t need to be huge: often a small, human-interest element will get you through the door just as well.

2. As always, if you haven’t got anything to say, keep silent. Yes it’s good to keep up a regular flow of news, but really, nothing is more dull than a non-story.

3. Fill a gap. Try and understand the publications you’re trying to target: what sort of news are they interested in? Have they got any particular hobbyhorses or themes you could piggyback?

4. Try a mixture of news and quotes – either from someone in the company or an outside source. They just add a different perspective and change the tone and pace of the piece.

5. Look out for the tone of the press release: sure it needs to be positive and upbeat, but it also needs not to appear too salesy. It should always look as though it has been written by an impressed – but impartial – observer.

6. Don’t forget the no-brainers: The contact details at the top, the release date and the headline.

That’s it. So get writing and have fun!

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