How to use slideshare for b2b marketing

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How to use slideshare for b2b marketing

Making the right social media platform decisions can be a challenge for b2b marketers. Eventually, it always comes down to one central question: Is this platform really relevant for my audience?

As a b2b content marketing and distribution platform, SlideShare stands out from the crowd. It was started in 2006 with the goal of making it easier for professionals to share knowledge online. Since then it has evolved into the world’s largest community for publishing and sharing presentations. The platform now receives 120 million page views every month and ranks among the 150 most visited sites on the internet.

Key features

SlideShare allows users to upload PowerPoint presentations, infographics and videos. You can also add long form content such as whitepapers, but once you have taken a look at the site you will quickly notice that it is all about the visuals.

In fact, we know that the content featured on the homepage is not generated by a random algorithm, but curated by an editor. (Yes, a real-life sock-washing, dog walking, masterchef-watching person!)

Our tip 

It’s all about visuals. In particular the more appealing the first few slides look, the more likely your content is to be featured on the homepage. What’s more, powerful visuals make your content more shareable and are more likely to be a hit on other social sharing platforms as well.

Last but not least, SlideShare was built with SEO in mind. Presentations are automatically transcribed when you upload them, making your content so much easier to find.

Now we want to be clear here: Having a high ranking with one of your presentations on SlideShare won’t give your website a direct boost in Google rankings. But it is much easier to get a high ranking for your content due to the SlideShare’s domain power.

Branding and lead generation

Creating a basic account and uploading content onto SlideShare is free. We think this is a good option for organisations that are just looking for a solution to share their presentations and embed them on their own website. However, there are arguments for signing up for one of their PRO accounts.

The first reason to upgrade your account is that it gives you more control over the look of your profile page, giving you the option to bring the profile page in line with your organisation’s branding.

What’s more your upgrade allows you to collect leads directly through SlideShare. You can adjust your settings to make sure you receive an email with all the details for you to follow up leads quickly.

For hi-tech CRM pros, you can set up an API that plugs directly into your CRM and develop an email automation process based on what you would like your prospects to do next. (Go straight to the top of the class!)

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