How to create an email signature that earns its keep

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Wouldn’t it would be great if there was a free, instant and effective way of promoting your business to the people that really matter - tens, even hundreds of times a day, every day?

In fact, every time you, er, sent an email...?

Smart use of your email signature can really make little blank space at the bottom of your business emails work its socks off.

Here are some tips for email signatures and ideas of ways which you can ensure they earns their keep (yep, it’s been getting a free ride for long enough!).

Conferences and Events

If you’re exhibiting at an expo or speaking at an event – tell people about it. Make sure you include a link to the relevant websites.

Free stuff

Links to freebies such as whitepapers, downloads or webinars are great additions to email signatures. What’s more they’re a nice little gift for the person receiving the mail.

Good news

Recently won an award? Completed a project you’re really proud of? Highlight the news in your email signature and include a link so your reader can read the full case study on your site.

Sales booster

Having a slow sales month? Consider using your email signature to promote an offer, free consultation or product demonstration.

Top tips for making the most of your email signature

  • Don’t forget these messages are in addition to your contact details and company logo: these should always feature in your email signature, no matter what else is going on.
  • Keep them short and sweet : A line or two, no more!
  • Update them often: once a week or fortnight is ideal.
  • Nothing to say? Don’t say anything this time round.
  • While individuality is great (it’s your email signature after all) make sure your messages are in line with your brand and consistent across your business or department

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