How to build brand identity with brand archetypes

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How to build brand identity with brand archetypes

Identifying your brand identity can be a tricky business. The challenge of distilling what your brand stands for can be slippery and hard to grasp, and is often confused by the fact that different people within the organisation see the brand's personality in different ways.

As if that’s not enough, you then have to articulate it in a way that makes sense to people and ignites the imagination, without sounding like a first-year philosophy student. It’s no cakewalk, folks!

Luckily (and thanks to our old friends Plato and Carl Jung) this herculean task is made infinitely easier with the help of archetypes. Archetypes can help you understand where your brand sits in the world, and what role your brand has to play.

Brand archetypes explained

In any human story, pretty much any character can be attributed to one of 11 ‘archetypes’. Not limited to any particular culture or region, these archetypes are a powerful tool in human psychology, arts, and - of course - branding.

Believe it or not, every single brand (even yours!) falls under one of these 11 archetypes:

  • The hero
  • The magician
  • The sage
  • The lover
  • The explorer
  • The everyman
  • The ruler
  • The innocent
  • The outlaw
  • The jester
  • The caregiver
  • The creator

What this means for brands

Archetypes can be used to develop powerful brand strategy, differentiate yourself from your competitors, create an authentic brand identity and ensure you’re presenting a compelling and consistent brand to the world. Archetypes also play a vital role in working out your organisation’s mission, vision and values, which has a massive impact on culture, customer satisfaction and overall brand performance.

The most successful brands in the world use their power to tap into this aspect of human psychology, and drive extraordinary results.

Ready to find out what archetype your brand represents?

Take our quick quiz: 9 simple questions to tell you the right archetype for your brand.

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