How to audit a website and why you should do them regularly

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As part of our recent website upgrade (Yes we have! Take a look!) website upgrade, we conducted our quarterly website audit.

"How to do a website audit" may sound as much fun as clearing out your tupperware cupboard, but it does tick off a few handy must-do’s:

  • Ensures your website is focused on your marketing objectives
  • Identifies any refreshes that are needed
  • Trouble-shoots any technical difficulties that the site may be experiencing
  • Highlights the person responsible for each aspect of the site (always good to remind people of their responsibilities!)

At Brand Chemistry we regularly conduct website audits for our clients. Here’s a quick heads-up of the things we tend to focus on:

1. Infrastructure management:

Hosting, basic site performance and app/plug-in inventory (This one tends to need a bit of technical knowledge).

Is the site running as smoothly as it could be?

2. Creative and user experience:

Review the site’s design and user experience against the brand strategy to make sure that it’s consistent with the brand’s offline messaging.

Are your users walking away feeling inspired and connected to the brand, or ambivalent, frustrated and confused?

3. Promotion:

This is where we make sure your website is being promoted as effectively as possible. We consider the following: Baseline performance review, SEM, content marketing, social media and community and lead generation.

Are you making it easy for people to find your site, or is it just floating around on its own in cyberspace?

4. Analytics

Often overlooked by businesses, analytics is so important in website management because it gives you the facts of what is working and what is not.

Is your website doing everything it’s supposed to do?

5. Strategy

Yes even a website needs a strategy! Think about its goals and objectives: whether your site is just an online brochure, or a lead capture tool, a vehicle for conversation, and so on. Also don’t forget to take a sneaky look at what the competition is doing.

What exactly is the job you want your website to do?

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