The best worst stock photos we’ve stumbled upon

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As marketers, we sift through stock photos on a daily basis - you can’t create bespoke images for every content piece, and a lot of stock photos are perfect for the brief.

But other times, we stumble upon truly giggle-worthy gold that makes you wonder what the heck they were thinking.

Here are our favourite picks.

A search for “hidden costs”...

funny istock photo hidden costs

Well, everything's going to be hidden if you keep that blindfold on, mate.

A search for “security”...

funny istock photo hacker security

The latest cyber-threat: teleportation!

A search for ‘wellbeing’...

funny istock photo dog

I’m not sure what this would ever be used for. But, I love it.

A search for ‘multitasking’...

funny istock photo woman multitasking

So many questions. Why the cardboard box? Why the yellow pantsuit? Why can’t a grown woman spell ‘contract’ correctly?

A search for ‘paperwork’...

funny istock photo files

This just reminds me of a far less glamorous version of ‘The Indian in the Cupboard’.

A search for ‘frustrated’...

funny istock photo steam blowing

Obviously someone consulting Dr. Google about the steam blowing out of his ears.

A search for ‘office hero’...

funny istock photo office hero

Even heroes have to do their taxes, guys.

A search for ‘job interview’...

funny istock photo job interview AI robot

So much shade from the girl in the yellow.

A search for ‘bad management’...

funny istock photo man eating other man

I have no words. That poor man looks resigned to his fate.

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