Do you know how to use LinkedIn for your business?

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Simple, effective and targeted, there’s no doubt that LinkedIn is earning its keep. As b2b marketers, we’re sure you’re keeping your profile and company page up to date, but did you know about the other LinkedIn best practices that can supercharge your business development efforts?

1. Connect to prospects

Pretty basic we know, but when you connect to your prospect on LinkedIn you suddenly open up the opportunity to have a personalised, targeted conversation. Just simply talking to prospects on LinkedIn can accelerate your sales cycle.

2. Share your content

Do you know how to use LinkedIn for content marketing? It is a great portal for promoting and sharing your content, with all the brand-building and lead-nurturing benefits that this brings.

3. Follow companies

Want to know what a company is up to? Follow them on LinkedIn. This will tell you where the company is at, who the senior decision-makers are, and give you a reason to start a conversation, as well as identifying up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

4. Ask for referrals

A tried and tested offline b2b tactic, asking for a referral still works its socks off online. If you have a happy client, don’t be afraid to ask for a LinkedIn referral. And remember, the more clients you are connected to, the more likely you are to get a referral and promote your business.

5. Join a group

Joining an industry group can be a great way to understand the market, raise your profile and make new contacts. And don’t be shy about promoting your content and events through LinkedIn Groups.

6. Dip your toe in PPC for LinkedIn

PPC for LinkedIn is steadily gaining in popularity, and quite rightly so. Last October we talked some more about LinkedIn PPC, and how to make it earn its keep.

Anything to say?

Is LinkedIn helping you with your sales strategy? We’d love to know! Share your thoughts in the comments below about how to use linkedin for business.

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