How to customise your content for different social media channels

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As content marketing gathers momentum in b2b, there’s a growing concern amongst marketers about the time and resources needed to produce all the content to do the job. The common refrain we hear runs something like this: “We know targeting is important, but how (oh how!) will we ever produce all the different content to reach all the different audiences on all the different platforms?”

So before you throw in the towel and go back to bombarding your customers with the same white paper every week, here’s the good news: With a tiny bit of added effort you can still leverage the same piece of content through a social media promotion strategy - without investing mountains of extra hours and dollars.

Recently, we helped a client customise some great content across 5 different social channels. Same message, served 5 different ways. Read on to find out how we adapted our content (just a tiny bit) for each channel and really made it work its socks off.

The golden rule: relevant content on relevant channels

In our client’s case we had written a downloadable whitepaper on a so-hot-right-now topic that was sure to get some engagement with their audiences: check this out for some content inspiration.

With whitepaper at the ready, normally this is where automation steps in and the same message is pinged off to all corners of the social stratosphere. But if you - like our client - want to get more bang for your buck content-wise, invest an extra 5 minutes thinking about how you can tweak your content delivery across the different channels you’re using. Here’s how we did it:

1. Twitter

Twitter is fast-becoming the go-to platform for news and short bursts of communication. We constructed a 140 character tweet as a news headline with corresponding hashtags and the link to download. Short, sharp and to the point. That’s news people!

2. LinkedIn

We updated our client’s company profile in a manner similar to Twitter’s news service approach. And then - this is the really good bit - we constructed a secondary update for their sales team, asking the sales guys to share the message with their LinkedIn contacts. They then sent a personalised follow up InMail with a simple “I know you were interested recently in X – thought you might find this useful” message to drive it all home. Not only were their prospects pleasantly surprised with the personalised touch, it provided real value and an extra point of contact in the lead nurture process.

3. Instagram

Instagram is brimming with potential and some of our b2b clients have been quick on the uptake. Now we know whitepapers aren’t the most photogenic of content pieces, so we got our thinking caps on and took a teaser photo of the title, along with some relevant hashtags to attract new audiences and urged people visit the site to download.

4. Facebook

While many are still sceptical of Facebook for b2b, (although if you want inspiration, check out these b2b brands nailing social) this particular client gets an unusually high level of engagement on Facebook. We posted the whitepaper with relevant hashtags to attract new audiences and opened the forum for discussion on the pain-points uncovered by the piece. It worked a treat, firing up a conversation and providing some great juice for next month’s content.

5. YouTube

This was a second step, creating a graphical video that teased out the top 5 most important points of the whitepaper and provided the link to download the white paper in full.

How did it go?

We don’t know yet – the campaign has only just gone live. But we’ve high hopes and will be sure to keep you posted.

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The 7-step checklist to choosing your inbound agency - Brand chemistry

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