B2b in the age of customer-centric marketing

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B2b in the age of customer centric marketing

Let’s be honest. The speedy rise of social media and user-generated content has turned our lives upside down. Most of us b2b marketers grew up in a world where the seller didn’t only control the product, but also the majority of information available about the product.

Web 2.0 has lead us to an age of customer-focused marketing. Yikes! That’s exciting - and also a little bit frightening.

We here in the Bc camp think that this change is mostly inspiring and full of opportunity. Here are our tips on how marketers can help leading their companies through this period of change.

Have a coffee with the customer service team

We see it happen more and more: managing the customer experience is becoming a central part of a marketer’s role. That’s why we swear by having regular coffee catch-ups with the customer service team (not so hard - they’re lovely folk!). These guys are speaking to your customers every day and know exactly what their frustrations and problems are. Do they receive 50 calls a day because customers can’t navigate your website? Find out! Then you can improve your content and your user interface accordingly.

Turn your website into an information hub

Your customer service team is also an amazing source of information to drive valuable marketing content. Imagine all the great content ideas they can come up with that will not only delight your customers (and stop them from airing their frustration on Twitter), but also free up some time for your team to deal with more complex customer requests. Cue 5 star reviews!

Get out your inner geek

Technology is the single most important driver of change and in the age of the customer geek is the new black. Now, we’re not saying that you need to learn how to program your own app that automagically plugs into your CRM system. But developing an understanding of the concepts and opportunities presented by new technologies will put you miles ahead of the competition.

We’ve found that companies where the IT team works very closely with the marketing department often manage to implement changes the fastest - much to the delight of their increasingly technology savvy customers. So don’t be afraid to ask your web developer probing questions and be sure to communicate your requirements clearly. Likewise, don’t be bamboozled by tech speak: these conversations should be a jargon-free zone.

Our prediction

At Bc we're not usually a team of crystal ball gazers. But considering the way things are heading at the moment, we think that in the near future marketing managers will have an even larger role to play when it comes to implementing technologies that enhance the customer experience. After all, a happy customer is still one of the most valuable promoters of your business.

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