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Welcome to The Alchemist - Brand Chemistry's blog.

Brand Chemistry is a champion of SME B2B Marketing. Not familiar with the term SME? That's ok, not everyone uses it. Small (to) Medium Enterprises, aka SME's, actually make up a great percentage of all businesses in Australia and are responsible for generating around a quarter of our GDP - which is a pretty big deal in our eyes. And B2B - well, it's business-to-business, not direct to the consumer or end user, but one business selling to another business so that they can`do business'.

Brand Chemistry LOVES B2B SME marketing, so we champion these oft-ignored businesses to create a network of support, provide a place to exchange ideas, celebrate your wins and share learnings from ‘lost campaigns’.

With consumer marketing dominating what we see, hear and read –it is hard to find marketing information that is relevant to us. Even if we could find the right information, consumer marketing can seem so much more fun, sexy, and exciting – especially when the big agencies are spending big money on big brands.

But we know B2B Marketing can be just as much fun – even with the budget constraints of smaller businesses and the complexities of our environment. Because our sales process involves multiple decision-makers and influencers, not to mention that our buyers are way more sophisticated in their field than we marketers are!, we are challenged to be creative, whilst being smart, direct and results-oriented. It’s these challenges that drive us to find new and unique (=fun) ways to market B2B products, and as they say,‘half the fun is in the journey!

So, as a community the more we share the more we learn; the more we learn, the stronger we are and the more success we all experience.

We hope you enjoy sharing and succeeding with Brand Chemistry.

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