B2b social media: Take your lead from your audience

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If, like us, you’ve become convinced of the importance of a social media strategy for b2b, you’ll want to start thinking about where to direct your efforts. There’s no point spending hours on Twitter, for instance, if the majority of people in your industry are using LinkedIn and nothing else.

So before you launch into social media for business, first find out where your customers are going. Think about the key business owners and employees you want to influence: are they Tweeters? FaceBook addicts or LinkedIn aficionados? An hour or two researching their social media habits will be time well spent.

But how do you go about it? Start by using the search function on social media sites: make a list of the top 20 companies you want to influence and run a search on them. Once on sites like LinkedIn you can dig deeper and run searches using names and job titles. (If no-one comes up, move on to the next 20).

Once your LinkedIn research is underway, you can start to identify individuals you’d like to influence and find them through Twitter and FaceBook.

Once you have found them, it is a good idea to watch, listen and learn BEFORE you engage. Listening is key to effective B2b social media. Just by listening you can gain a world of knowledge on your competitors, potential clients and market.

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