B2b brands uninspiring? Think again!

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Do you think b2b branding is the straighty-one-eighty older sister of the fun loving, carefree and forward thinking sister, b2c?

Think again.

For a while now, b2b brands have lived in the shadow of b2c. But these days, thanks to mobile demanding quick and easy content, social requiring cool shareable content, and the realisation that people buy from people, b2b brands are blossoming into the big sister that b2c wants to borrow clothes from.

B2b brands should inspire us

A few months ago we blogged about 3 things all powerful brand have in common. We told you that strong b2b brand strategies have a powerful promise, embrace change and are forward thinkers.

Let’s take a look at this in real life.

Flexing with change

When we met Indicium Technology Group (www.indicium.com.au) in 2009 they had grown organically for 11 years. Their market was in flux, and they were ready for a new positioning to establish a point of difference and help them stand out from the crowd.

Our brand positioning delivered just the insights that Indicium needed. A joint effort between the Brand chemistry and Indicium teams, Indicium were able to gain clarity on what made them unique, what really mattered to their clients and how they fitted in to the competitive landscape.

Carrying the simple promise

Their BREATHE EASY proposition not only helped clients understand Indicium’s ability to own and resolve any client challenge, but also became the foundation for a new, more intuitive service structure, refreshed internal and external brand identity and revitalised website.

The brand as a thought leader

Employees were not forgotten in brand implementation, and thanks to extensive internal activities engulfed in our ‘Indicium Incarnated’ program, have come to understand and deliver on the brand promise by demonstrating the kinds of values and behaviours they feel most strongly represent it.

As a result, employees have been able to deliver on the promise, but also to become involved in the creation of thought-leading content that has educated the market.

Meanwhile, we also used the BREATHE EASY proposition to build thought-provoking content that attracted uber-levels of social engagement as well as real, live sales enquiries (can you tell we’re proud?!).

The result?

Thanks to strong leadership and strategic focus, Indicium built a strong brand platform that helped to achieve impressive growth in recent years, landing some large, high profile clients with the promise of enabling these clients to BREATHE EASY while Indicium delivers.

Social and content marketing has been able to support this through creation of interesting, shareable content that has delivered sales opportunities in excess of $500,000 in the past year alone.

And having gained plenty of market attention and value, a listed Australian ICT services company, SMS Management and Technology, has now acquired Indicium with SMS CEO Tom Stianos publicly citing:

‘We are impressed by the maturity of the Indicium business, including the development of their tools and methods, all designed to deliver the best support to clients. The Breathe Easy range of solutions has been designed for just that, allowing corporate clients to focus on their core business and leave us to worry about service delivery.’

Inject some inspiration in your b2b brand

If the Indicium case study has taught us anything it’s that b2b brands are not the staid librarians they once were.

Laddering up to a simple, but emotive promise that connects with your audience, ensuring you flex with your market change to stay relevant, and applying your brand as a thought leader can help you deliver some buzz to your customers, employees and business owners alike.

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