B2b branding: 3 New Year’s resolutions for b2b marketers

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Back in March we blogged about the need for a b2b creative revolution. We shouted from the rooftops “no more boring in b2b!” And you listened. (Well it captured some imaginations at least!)

As brand and marketing managers start to look to 2014, it’s time to set some brand resolutions to keep the b2b branding revolution going strong in the New Year.

Resolution 1: I will see the humans behind the company

It can be easy to forget in b2b marketing that the decision-maker is human too. Think how refreshing it must be when a creative, eye catching and well-thought-through piece of communication drops on your desk. Not only does it catch your attention instantly but it also speaks to your dreams and anxieties and is engaging and easy to read. So remember: People don’t turn off their emotions and human qualities when they get to work, so don’t fall into the trap of talking to them as if they do.

Resolution 2: It’s about them, not you

A common mistake made in b2b is not properly understanding your target audience. In b2b sales and marketing pitches can sometimes be railroaded by what you deliver, what your company does and what you do for the company. And the exploration of the brief and what the client needs can come across as an after-thought.

In 2014 make it a rule to take a complete look at your client’s needs and situation. Think about the market they operate in, their company and their role. Make it clear that you understand them and pitch your solutions in that context. How can you deliver on the brief to make them the star of 2014? Create the impression that you are their solution by working out what they need to hear.

Resolution 3: Listen and learn

“Listen and learn” takes on the broader meaning of listening to your entire market.

Last year we talked about the importance of listening to learn what your customers and potential customers are talking about. Within the last year, social listening has grown in importance at the same time as becoming easier to access, thanks to new advances in technology. It offers a cost-effective, real-time way to find out what your customers and the broader market are talking about. If social listening isn’t your bag, you can simply ask questions on LinkedIn or run a poll on Facebook.

This September’s updates to Google analytics have provided more insight than ever before about search behaviour. B2b marketers can now use the insights from Google analytics in tandem with campaign metrics to inform and shape future campaigns. So in 2014 you have the power to create messages that you know will resonate with your audience: written with context and informed by sound market research.

2014 and beyond

The switched-on b2b marketers of 2014 will be focussed on creative thinking driven by real insight. They know that tapping into what their customers want is the best way to grow market share and a sure-fire way to get miles ahead of the competition in 2014.

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