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OK let’s check.

  • Have you polished your shoes?
  • Got last year’s wine stain out of your posh frock?
  • Booked out most of tomorrow with spurious meetings so you don’t actually have to do any work?

Yes? You’re good to go! Welcome to the Brand chemistry 2013 ‘Fun in B2B’ awards!

Here at Brand chemistry we love a laugh. And we also think fun is often the magic sauce in bringing b2b marketing to life. Today we’re celebrating some gloriously silly b2b content with our ‘Fun In B2B’ awards. Take a look at some of the best b2b marketing strategies below.

(All nominations based on the rigorous scientific criteria of - ahem - how much they made us laugh).

The video category

Let’s start with our Big Ticket award for videos with a full-blown production budget. We couldn’t decide between Adobe’s “Bull***it Detector” or this great spoof-horror video for software company Canvas. So we included both of them for your entertainment and delight.

Our Oldie But Goodie award goes to VerticalResponse’s spoof Dr. Dre video "An App Thing". This video was produced in ’07 to promote VerticalResponse’s email marketing solution. (Look out for the classic line “From your ROI perspective, it’s gotta be dope, it’s gotta be effective”). Love it.

Moving on to our Shoestring award, for video produced on a budget. Ever imagined yourself willingly and enthusiastically sitting through a two-minute, low-budget commercial for a company that provides a virtual marketplace for the shipping industry? No? Us neither. But then again, we hadn’t seen ShipServ’s Lego commercial before.

The it’s-not-a-video category

There’s no doubt that video is a major player when it comes to injecting a dose of fun into the backside of b2b marketing. But it’s not the only one. Check out the three contenders in our ‘It’s-not-a-video’ category:

The Keep It Simple award goes to this great slideshow from MarketingProfs: quick, easy, cheap to produce, and packed with personality and fun.

We enjoyed the innovation behind Marketo’s Big Marketing Activity Colouring Book. So they’re getting our Outside The Box award.

Last of all, our Lifetime Funchievement Award goes to one of our favourite b2b brands of the moment: software company TalkTo.

These guys produce business texting apps: meaning you can communicate with companies via SMS. Practical, yes. Useful, yes. Exciting? Well, perhaps not. But their brand – and the way they interact with their customers – is toe-curlingly awesome.

Get this for starters: A few months ago they ran a competition through their blog to celebrate the creative ways that their customers use their products to communicate with their customers. It’s fun, quirky and fantastically human. 

And if that’s not cool enough, take a look at their update notes in the iTunes store: who would have thought of creating fun, engaging, content there?

So there you have it.

Whether you have a many-thousand-dollar video budget, or just an opportunity to communicate with your customers through common-or-garden channels in a fun, quirky and – dare we say it – human way, the b2b arena is full of opportunities for having some fun and making your customers giggle too. Let’s see more of this in 2014, shall we?

Speaking of fun, the Brand chemistry team are knocking off now for the holidays, but we’ll be back with a vengeance on 16th January. If you really can’t do without your Alchemist fix for that long, check back here for some older blogs that you might have missed.

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