5 reasons why you need to know your brand archetype

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5 reasons why you need to know your brand archetype

The time when brands were built on the physical differences between products is long gone. And let’s be honest - who wants to be involved in an eternal feature war with their competitors? Tiring, right?

So how do you go about differentiating your brand if physical differences simply won’t cut it? By connecting to the hearts and minds of your customers with your unique brand personality!

To bring your brand’s personality to the fore you need to understand your brand archetype: the driving characteristic that defines your organisation. Is your brand the adventurous type like Red Bull? Or does it strive to make the everyday magical like Samsung? Take our quiz to find out your brand personality.

Knowing your brand archetype will help you meet a number of different business and communications objectives.

1. Know who you are and what you stand for

Finding out which archetype your brand is gives it personality and meaning - it’s the image we present in the world, to the world! It builds a clear picture in your customers’ minds and differentiates your brand and messaging from others in the same market niche. People connect with brands whose values reflect their own.

2. Create deeper emotional connections

Once you understand what your brand archetype is, marketing strategies become a lot easier to improve and implement and as a result, product marketing becomes much simpler. How? Archetypes guide the way in which your brand interacts with your audience.

This is especially important today on social media. Your brand experience for your customers can start anywhere from a friend’s comment on Facebook to the tone of voice of your website. These interactions are what makes brands come alive for people, and in turn earn their strong positive attitude towards the brand.

3. Tell your story

Knowing your brand archetype is important to help you find the right story for your brand. A strong and unique story builds brand recognition amongst customers and creates awareness of what your brand is about.

4. Encourage brand loyalty

Brand archetypes encourage loyalty in two ways.

Firstly, it encourages employee loyalty. And who could be better advocates for your brand than the people who work for you? When they choose to work for you, it is proof that they buy into the epitome of your brand. This will come through in their interactions with customers. The best performing companies are the ones whose values, mission and vision are based on solid brand archetypes.

Secondly, it promotes customer loyalty. These days consumers are savvier, more cynical and more concerned with expressing their individuality than they were in the past.

Consumers today don’t just buy a product, they buy the meaning and reputation attached to the product. Hence the existence of the almost cult-like fandom of Apple products. Who would’ve thought we’d make camp outside a shop to be the first person who owns a new phone?

5. Drive product development

Knowing your brand archetype can help with product development. Great products reflect their brand archetype through and through - from its functionality to its aesthetics. The popularity and uptake of new products with your audience (who are your fans because they believe in what you represent) will then generate feedback that drives the changes in your next round of product development.

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