4 practical ways in which social selling can cut down your sales cycles

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Still not convinced Social has a place on Planet B2B? Here are some interesting insights into the effect Social can have on B2B sales cycles, and how you can take advantage of it :

There have been a number of cases recently where smart use of social selling techniques have cut sales cycles right down, with sales cycles that a year ago used to take between six and eight months now being completed in as little as six to eight weeks.

  1. Post YouTube footage of your products or people in action – use it to conduct virtual tours around your offices, showcase product demos and answer popular customer queries.
  2. If you have a wide variety of types of customers, consider using different Facebook sites to service each customer group: remember this is all about people and community so it could make more sense to group similar people together than just to do it by product.
  3. Spread your activity across as many Social channels are relevant to your business and your customers: remember Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are all at your disposal.
  4. If you have an automated CRM or pricing system, consider integrating it with your social sites, providing a more natural channel with which to communicate with your customers, and giving your customers easy opportunities to learn about your products and services.

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